Justified s5 ep 2

Another excellent ep (if not quite as glorious as last week’s) and another fine mess Boyd Crowder’s got himself into.

In addition to the usual challenges of running a medium-scale criminal organisation, his supplier problem’s getting worse, his distributors are revolting and his fiancee’s still in jail. Sure, Mrs Paxton may be on side, but that unexpected break may come at too high a price, especially now the whole Paxton situation might end up costing Ava her freedom on a more permanent basis. And especially now it looks like another, even more bloodthirsty player is moving in on Boyd’s territory – could that be the same bloodthirsty player who calls the shots in the cold open?

That’s my guess, anyway. Especially since it’s that same player who brings Loretta and a truck-load of trouble back into our favourite Marshal’s orbit this week; yes, Raylan is having the BEST time confiscating Xander Berkeley’s assets (Xander Berkeley! As if this cast could get any more awesome!) with Rachel and Tim when he’s dragged into the mess his favourite teen tearaway’s made and he’s not happy about it. But, as Loretta correctly identifies, he’s Raylan, so he’s going to get involved, he’s going to sort it out, and he’s going to do it in the coolest (and hottest, if you know what I mean) way possible.

Oh yes.

Y’all know I love Raylan. And I thoroughly enjoyed this ep. I do have one quibble, though. Another season, another feisty blonde to romance – Alison the social worker seems fab, their chemistry is crackling away, and I could easily get on board that ship, but, so far, we’ve had Winona, Ava, Lindsey/Lynsey/Lindsay….. has the man *ever* dated a brunette? I mean, a girl could get a complex.


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