Nashville s3 ep 21

Rayna admits to Deacon that she didn’t go to New York, but went instead to Natchez, where she wasted her time trying to persuade/bribe Beverly into saving his life. Then she receives a package, which she greedily tears open: could it, perhaps, contain a chunk of compatible liver? But no – it’s the cheque she gave Beverly last week, ripped up. At which point anyone who’s ever seen a TV show knows that Beverly’s going to appear in early course offering her organ on a silver plate.

But we’ll need to wait a while for that. Meantime, The Exes are shopping themselves around record labels, and their best offer is from Highway 65. Scarlett doesn’t want to sign, which she tries to rationalise away, but which at least in part looks as if it’s because she doesn’t want to be tied to Gunnar for a second longer. And while I’m normally on the good ship Gunnlett all the way, I really can’t blame her; Gunnar is once more acting like an asshat (“What were you saying before he cut you off?”), even if he – like this audience member at least – can’t quite see any sparks flying between Scarlett and Dr Moderately-Hot. Meantime Kiley is given some sort of equivalence to Dr M-H and thus seems to have been promoted to quasi-girlfriend, without Gunnar telling us. Fortunately there’s only one more episode to go in this season, or I’d be falling out of love with Gunnar entirely.

Jeff is doing what he can to create a newsworthy feud between Jade and Layla, but this storyline is a little sad: Jeff’s a horrible person, and Layla’s a lost soul whose boyfriend/manager is a manipulative creep and whose husband was gay. Although that secret looks as if it’s about to break: Luke finds out that a tabloid has photos of Will and Kevin en vacances.

Juliette is failing to bond with Cadence, leading everyone – Avery, Glenn, Emily, some doctor – to conclude that she has post-natal depression. So they stage an intervention, during which Glenn hilariously observes that she’s being “rude and irrational”. Dude. It’s Juliette Barnes. You’ve met her before.

And Teddy’s long farewell continues: having been undone by an escort wearing a wire, he in turn is asked to wear a wire to entrap State Senator Stern, who used to be in bed with Lamar. Except Stern’s dealings, he finds out, were with Tandy. Uh-oh. I wonder if Teddy’s going to be able to redeem himself by not throwing Tandy under the bus which is heading for Nashville? Anyway, decent though this episode was, it wasn’t my favourite of the season by any means: it was unusually downbeat, and I like Nashville to be a little more fun.


4 thoughts on “Nashville s3 ep 21

  1. Bill October 7, 2015 / 11:46 am

    I have to say that I am tired of Teddy and I think the writers are too. Not even sleeping with a prostitute made him interesting. It is only a matter of time before he joins Tandy in Nashville wilderness, which will at least allow for a lovely goodbye song from his singing daughters.

    I have high hopes that at least one couple will be happy by the end of this season, my money is on Gunnar and Scarlett having a mammoth argument which will be resolved by a big kiss in the rain. As long as she puts down that wretched tambourine.

  2. Jed Bartlet October 7, 2015 / 1:00 pm

    You know, I’m not as invested in Gunnlett as I used to be. And if I’m not, then I don’t know who is. Mind you, all they need to do is sing a song, and look into each others’ eyes, and I’ll be on board again. (And she can even keep the tambourine.)

    I wonder if we’ll see Tandy in the finale? I quite like the idea of her as criminal mastermind.

  3. Bill October 7, 2015 / 1:21 pm

    Juliette and Avery are where it’s at, much more interesting as a couple, and actually as separate entities than Gunnar and Scarlett.

    Is Tandy the shortened version of a girl’s name, like Mandy for Amanda? Atanda?

  4. CJ Cregg October 8, 2015 / 10:54 pm

    I agree with you, Bill – Juliette and Avery are way more interesting than Gunnar and Scarlett, both together and as separate people. Jed, I know what you’re saying about Juliette being rude and irrational before, but I do think this is different. She’s mellowed a lot since she got together with Avery and came to terms with her past – over the past season or so, I thought she’d softened and matured a great deal, and her and Avery together were adorable. It’s a real shame the writers have used the birth of the baby as an excuse to undo all that development both for her and her relationship, even if it makes sense in terms of what she was like in season 1.

    In other news, I really loathe Beverly.

    PS – How about like Sandy for Sandra? Tandra?

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