Doctor Who s35 ep 2

Missy and Clara are not dead, because: technobabble stuff, never mind. While they “work together” – if “work together” means Missy delighting in finding ways to torment Clara in the name of rescuing the Doctor – the Doctor has a bit of fun playing Dalek Dodgems before getting pulled into a very long, sometimes moving, but mostly long, conversation with old pal Davros which lasts most of this clever, bombastic, but strangely underwhelming second ep.

For all the running and zapping – and cackling, so much cackling – there’s not actually that much going on underneath all the angsting and nostalgia. And what there is involves way too much Missy for my liking. In spite of some decent twists, some deft nods to the past and a poignant, touching final scene, then, “The Witch’s Familiar” doesn’t really hit the mark the way “The Magician’s Apprentice” did. For me, anyway.


One thought on “Doctor Who s35 ep 2

  1. Tim September 26, 2015 / 9:31 pm

    I liked it. Not flawless by any means – was the little scene between Davros and Colony Sarff really necessary to establish that Davros was laying a trap, thereby undercutting his subsequent manipulation of the Doctor?

    I know what you mean about the confrontation between the two being very long, but I loved it: when Davros builds enough of a rapport with the Doctor that the two of them share a laugh together, it genuinely feels earned, as does the Doctor’s capricious decision to donate a little regeneration energy. But how did the Doctor know about the decaying Daleks in the sewers? (Am I forgetting something from a previous Dalek story?) And isn’t the resolution with the Doctor going back in time to plant the concept of mercy in the young Davros a little, y’know, timey-wimey? Blasted temporal paradoxes – I’ll never get my head around them.

    I was okay with the Missy/Clara stuff – I felt it needed the comedy to offset the Doctor/Davros scenes, although I hope we get break from her for a while now. I expect many fans will hate this story, harking back to the Ten/Rose days. Personally, I prefer this old school approach.

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