Doctor Foster s1 ep 3

Gemma has a plan, and it involves a three-pronged attack. She’s realised that she doesn’t know much about her finances – because despite being a highly-paid professional she’s left it all to Simon, like a girl – which would be highly relevant if she were to leave him. So Ros is deputed to engage with Simon and find out about the finances of his building development. Carly is sent off to hang out with Kate and become her buddy, thus getting inside affair/pregnancy info.

And Gemma herself sticks on a LBD and some heels and goes off to dinner with sleazy Neil from across the road. It’s possible that as a hetero male I can’t see what’s attractive about him, although given that his chat-up line is “I’m here because I think we would have a really good time fucking” (ew) I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything. In fact, he’s so sure of his seductive appeal that he’s already booked a room for the two of them. He likes it physical, you see. Even more amazingly, Gemma succumbs and jumps into bed with him. 

But she’s working an angle, as it were: Neil has access to Simon’s accounts, and Gemma blackmails him into breaching confidentiality by threatening to tell his wife. (Even allowing for that Neil wants another go-round, which kind of suggests that Gemma is indeed “feral”. You go, girl.) From which she discovers that Simon has spent just about every penny they have, has forged her signature on a second mortgage for their house, and is being funded by – oh God – a mysterious offshore investor known only as Whitestone. Now, this last development I don’t care for; I’m really over writers who use the Enigmatic Word Which Means Something Mysterious as a dramatic shortcut.

Anyway, it looks as if Gemma might finally be ready to bail on Simon. But then he splits up with Kate, and since he does this audibly in a pub where Carly happens to be working – bit of good luck, that – Gemma finds out about it. Then Simon’s mother dies at absolutely the right time to save his marriage – every cloud, eh? – and when Gemma sees her husband and son in distress, she seems to realise that she doesn’t want to leave. Which looks like a sort-of-happyish ending.

But there are still two episodes to go, and at least three major issues outstanding. Firstly, Neil’s wife clearly suspects that something’s going on between her sex-god husband and Gemma, and she’s presumably well aware that it’s tough to keep a big dog like that on the porch. Secondly, Kate’s lying about the abortion, isn’t she? And thirdly, if we must, Whitestone. Still, even allowing for the silly contrivances, I thought this was the best episode so far by some distance.


3 thoughts on “Doctor Foster s1 ep 3

  1. Ace Of Wands September 29, 2015 / 11:58 am

    Completely and utterly infuriating. All the characters, including Dr Foster, are horrible and everyone needs their heads banging together. I didn’t know Bertie Carvel before, but now I just can’t see past him as Jonathan Strange. I dread to think where Dr Foster has thistle down hair, but I’ve a good idea after this episode. Why doesn’t he just use magick to solve his problems?

    Where did his mother get the sleeping pills from? Who benefits from her will? Who is leaving derogatory messages on the surgery web-site? (apart from me). What will be the brilliant and unexpected twist in the tail? I live in hope (not Derbyshire).

    • Ace Of Wands September 29, 2015 / 12:18 pm

      Another thought. I’m pretty sure that Slimeball Accountant’s wife was in ‘The Game’ as a dastardly Russian double agent, and is obviously not to be messed with. Different hair can’t fool me. You heard it here first.

      Also, Ros (ex Casualty, The Bill) should try taking bromide with her tea. It worked for me.

  2. Jed Bartlet September 29, 2015 / 1:43 pm

    There was an oblique conversation between dead mother-in-law and Dr Foster earlier in the episode which, I think we were meant to infer, was MIL asking for pills and Dr Foster recoiling at the thought of doing anything so unethical. Which is curious, because we’ve established that the good doctor’s ethics are fluid. Perhaps she draws the line at actually killing people, although I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s supplied her mother-in-law. One less person who knows about her husband’s affair, and only about 5000 to go. (Or maybe the old woman just saved them up.)

    The brilliant and unexpected twist in the tail will be that Kate’s baby is born, and bears a surprising yet striking resemblance to Neil.

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