Public Service Announcement 44 of 2015: Nurse Jackie, Satisfaction

Nearly 18 months after it was last shown on British TV, Nurse Jackie finally returns for its sixth season (which was itself shown on American TV around 18 months ago). I quite liked season 4, and I’ve reviewed every episode so far, but I’m not sure I’m even going to be watching this time around: the mood’s gone off me, to be honest (Wednesday, 10.10pm, Sky Atlantic).

And the USA Network’s Satisfaction slips quietly onto British screens tomorrow as well, for the first episode of a ten-ep season. It stars Matt Passmore as Neil, a married man who finds his wife in bed with a male sex worker. For some reason which will no doubt be explained in the show, Neil then decides to give escort work a try himself. It doesn’t sound as if we’re a million miles from Hung. Reviews have been ok-ish, and the show has been renewed for a second season. I think I’m going to pass, but my guess is that this is the sort of show that will really work for some viewers (Wednesday, 9pm, Sony Entertainment Television).

Coming soon: Justified, Empire, The Leftovers, and Orphan Black (and perhaps the most bizarre scheduling decision in history).


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