Nashville s3 ep 19

The big event of the week is the launch of Mayor Teddy’s music education/slush fund thingy, to which the entire cast is totally invited. Now, I don’t know: if I were planning to pay off a sex worker, using money I’d stolen from public funds, I’d probably try to keep the whole thing on the down-low. Teddy, on the other hand, is obviously a member of the “go big or go home” school of thought when it comes to financial crime.

Before the night can get started, though, Deacon gets told that there’s a liver out there with his name on it, so he, Rayna, Older Girl, and Scarlett (?) head to the hospital. Over the course of the episode the liver will be tantalisingly dangled in front of Deacon, then snatched away again, with Scarlett at one point more or less demanding of Dr Moderately-Hot that he breach medical and ethical guidelines and just go the hell ahead with the transplant. He’s miffed, but forgives her later, by which point the liver is off the table anyway. So Deacon’s still dying.

Meantime, though, Younger Girl has been left at the event with her father. She’s upset, because the original plan had been for her and OG to perform with Deacon and Rayna. But Luke – more amazing by the week – steps in and takes her up on stage with him to sing. (There is, in the margins, a pointed little exchange between him and Teddy where they both acknowledge that being with Rayna was made more difficult by Deacon being there, and once again I’m coming to the view that Luke isn’t the bad guy here.) And Will’s falling hard for Kevin and is therefore edging closer to the closet door, which would be good. Or would have been good a season ago; now it feels pretty essential to maintaining Will as an interesting character.

For Juliette, it’s a big night – it’s the start of her re-emergence into the public eye, and she’s anticipating that someone’s going to bid big and win a performance from her at the night’s charity auction. But postpartum Juliette has reverted to being Queen Bitch, and in a diva-off in the restroom she pisses off Layla and Jade St. John, with the result that Jade pays over the odds in order to win the auction, requesting a performance from Layla instead. Juliette then doubles down on the way out, firing some barbs at Jade which actually reduce the latter to tears. And all of this comes on the back of fights with Avery, who – unaccountably – seems to be a little surprised. Dude: This. Is. What. She’s. Like. Still, Jade later finds that Luke is prepared to provide a shoulder to cry on, by which I mean that they have sex. I’m pleased for Luke, who’s earned it over the last few weeks, frankly. Christina Aguilera is good, btw. I’d be happy if she hangs around, although the cast is so overcrowded at the moment that it isn’t easy to see how she could be fitted in on a regular basis. The writers continue to handle the characters well, though, and this was another very enjoyable episode.


3 thoughts on “Nashville s3 ep 19

  1. CJ Cregg September 24, 2015 / 10:53 pm

    Hm. Not sure I agree about Jade. Do we really need yet another character set up to be a rival/mortal enemy for Juliette? We’ve had Rayna, Layla (and now Layla again) – what do we need Jade for? FWIW I also hate her pink hair.

    I know Juliette’s always been incredibly selfish and sometimes vicious, but she has softened a lot since she and Avery got together, so I can see why he was surprised. Lashing out because of her insecurity and fear about her post-baby situation is a very Juliette self-protection mechanism – if she were properly happy right now, I don’t think she would have gone as far as she did. Having said that, Jade’s not exactly a poor wee shrinking violet. After the bathroom business, she bid outrageously high on Layla purely to annoy the living daylights out of Juliette. Surprise! It annoyed the living daylights out of Juliette! And then when Juliette was leaving, instead of just letting her go, Jade, having already “won”, decided to try and needle Juliette about it a teeny bit more. Surprise! That annoyed Juliette too!

    Don’t go playing with fire if you don’t want to get burned, Jade.

    Also, if even Jeff Fordham thinks you’re a user and a liar…. WHOA.

    I just hope she doesn’t use the recently canonised St Luke for his country star cred and then dump him once she’s recorded her version of his latest album or something. He deserves better. What he did for poor Daphne this week was incredibly kind and their duet was adorbs.

    Let me just run through this again to get it clear in my head. Luke. Was incredibly kind. And did something adorbs. Talk about re-tooling the character.

  2. Jed Bartlet September 25, 2015 / 11:01 pm

    Jade isn’t a shrinking violet, but now that Rayna’s occupied elsewhere she looks like the only person who’s going to stand up to Juliette, whose appalling behaviour you’re perhaps minimising: what you call the “bathroom business” started it, and she got what she deserved when Jade wouldn’t be pushed around at the auction.

    Luke is amazing. He really didn’t need to do what he did for YG. I think I’m falling in love.

  3. CJ Cregg September 26, 2015 / 9:24 pm


    Also, #TEAMLUKE. (Although I still don’t understand how this has happened. I *swear* he was awful at one point. A long time ago. Possibly in a galaxy far, far away.)

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