Odyssey ep 13 (American Odyssey)


Series finale time and, in New York, Peter is trying to persuade Sophia that the Twitter photo of Odelle is genuine because a tourist took it. (No, me neither.) He says it proves SOC are corrupt, Baker is in business with terrorists and there is life on Mars. (Ok, maybe not that last one.) Sophia points out it proves nothing of the sort and sends him off to get something more concrete to save her and Greece from SOC and River Song’s clutches.

Wild-eyed crazy person Harrison, meanwhile, is at the NYT pitching his “So….I Loved an Assassin Who Killed My Father” story and bleeding on their nice furniture. Bafflingly, Kevin the news editor (?) actually seems impressed with this fool, and caves to his ridiculous demand for a by-line, but perhaps he just does that to get Harrison out of the office while there’s still time to get the blood stains out of the carpet.

No sooner has poor Kevin got rid of one moron babbling about SOC, however, than another turns up – somebody really needs to beef up NYT security – as Peter drops in to drop off his tuppence worth and his ill-gotten flash drive, the plan being to corroborate Odelle’s story, if and when she talks to the NYT, bring down SOC and, er, go to jail. Top plan, Peter.

Odelle herself, meanwhile, is in Barcelona with Aslam, waiting to meet Isabelle Rainey and shooting the breeze with Luc’s gorgeous ex-wife Christina. Mrs Ballard’s “casual” questioning of the former Mrs Girard about her handsome ex is less than subtle, but Christina is absurdly kind and gracious, and seems to be some sort of Ludelle (Oduc?) shipper herself, pointing out that Luc obviously cares for Odelle, although I think she goes a bit far suggesting he loves her. Steady on, Mrs Luc.

This is all obviously designed to smooth the way for Gregory Fitoussi (conspicuously absent from this ep: Hurrumph!) to re-appear and ignite an inferno of sexual tension in season two, which is a tremendous idea but absolutely no good to me since there isn’t going to BE a season two. Sigh. I suppose we’ll always have last week.

*wipes away tear*

It’s not over for Odelle yet, though, as Col Glen flies in to Barcelona to get a punch in the face and make the most half-hearted attempt to blackmail her into keeping schtum ever. Why he doesn’t just get his goon squad to bundle her into a black van instead isn’t immediately clear. Instead, he and the heavies wait till after she’s spilled her guts to Isabelle and try (again, very half-heartedly; I could have crawled faster than they were walking) to grab her at the airport. Instead of bagging the Colonel his prey, however, this just earns him another punch in the face, this time from an irate Mr Ballard who has flown in with Suzanne for a quick hug and a “WTF?” before Odelle says goodbye and dashes off again. Dun-dun-dun…

And so Odyssey ends, with neither a bang nor a whimper, but a load of loose ends and a wildly optimistic, if ultimately doomed, plea for a second season. Harrison is wallowing in bed, sulking and scratching because he shot Not-Ruby. Peter, having defeated Baker and saved Greece, now wants to save his marriage, as long as he can squeeze in one more dinner with his ex-lover first. Aslam, having made a late grab for the Idiot Ball, is running down a Barcelona street hoping that he’ll find Odelle in the queue for the Sagrada Familia. And Odelle herself, having finally worked out that a disguise might be a good idea, is in Washington with a new haircut, a new plan and Isabelle Rainey’s passport.

What now for all these characters? Nothing, I guess. The story may not be finished, but tiny ratings mean the show certainly is and, while I stuck it out till the end, I can’t blame the droves of people who didn’t. Luc was fantastic, Bob grew on me and Algeria looked amazing but neither of the three got the prominence they deserved. Instead, Odyssey wasted the majority of its time and ours on the appalling Harrison, the dreary Peter, and a convoluted plot hinging on 90% of the characters acting like imbeciles. This was an entertaining, if very silly, finale, but all that wasted potential…. Oh well. Goodbye, Odyssey. It has been fun, if not always for the reasons you intended it to be.


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