Jane the Virgin s1 ep 21

Just as Jane decides to push for custody of her baby, Rafael decides that he’s made a mistake in breaking up with her. Word, dude. But I don’t care, because Michael – who’s been skilfully playing the long game for weeks – has managed to edge his way back into Jane’s good books, her heart; and perhaps, in due course, her bed. This whole arc in general has been really, really well done: both Michael and Rafael have their flaws, and their good points. Jane and Rafael together can be sexy, but Jane and Michael have a sweet, affectionate chemistry.

Anyway, I’m still quite happy with my long-term decision to get onto #TeamMichael, and the scenes that he and Jane share this week are just adorable, particularly the one where they move over the course of an evening from IMs, to texts, and to a phone conversation. But #TeamRafael – misguided though its members might be – get thrown a bone or two as well, particularly the way in which Jane and Rafael SPOILER ALERT* to SPOILER ALERT**. In the middle of all that, meantime, Petra continues to stop, intriguingly, just short of being irredeemably horrible: there’s definitely been a rise in her level of manipulation since her mother returned, but Yael Grobglas’s acting keeps you believing that this is someone who’s known hard times and is doing what she needs to do to get along. Plus she’s genuinely in love with Rafael.

While all that’s going on, Jane has to attend her five-year school reunion – five years? Is that a thing? – and face up to Mean Girls and high-school crushes who run a mile when finding out that she’s up the stick. She’s also trying to work on her novel, and is now planning to go to graduate writing school after the birth. I know that people write what they know, and that what writers know is writing, but… I’d prefer it if Jane were doing something else, tbh.

And Xiomara and Rogelio are working on their Vegas show, although the whole thing grinds to a halt when Rogelio can’t cope with standing on a rising hydraulic platform. He eventually admits to a fear of heights. And leprechauns: “I KNOW WHAT I SAW!” Perhaps a little short of this show’s very best, but still a great way to spend an hour.
*work together
** get Magda put away. (Yes, this device has been shamelessly lifted from the show. #plagiarism)


2 thoughts on “Jane the Virgin s1 ep 21

  1. Kay20 May 22, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    Petra has been better and better this season. More rationale as to her behavior, and Yael does a nice job giving her depth. I actually feel bad for her at times.

  2. Jed Bartlet May 22, 2016 / 11:06 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. Yale Grobglas is really good, and makes Petra much more sympathetic than she would otherwise be.

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