Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 12



One episode to go, and the Odyssey writers realise, at last, that they should be using Gregory Fitoussi/Luc a lot more than the Morons of New York.

Yes, it’s only taken twelve weeks of Harrison and Peter tossing the Idiot ball around for us to get to this stage, but, thankfully, this week’s Odyssey was Luc-tastic and infinitely better as a result. Hurrah!

More on that in a mo, however. As usual, let’s get the NYC side of things out of the way first, before we move on to the bien stuff.

The killing of Not-Ruby-Not-a-Reporter-Not-Anything-Anymore has hit Harrison so hard that he seems to have swapped personalities with Bob; as opposed to just being his usual cereal-for-brains self, it’s Harrison’s turn to look wild-eyed and crazy, yelling about everything, while Bob, er, doesn’t.

This would all be unsettling enough, but the writers have clearly decided to mess with us even further by introducing a pseudo-Shakespearean note to proceedings: in what I assume is intended as an homage to Lady Macbeth, Harrison has a cut on his arm (apparently sustained during the NotRubicide) which seems to grow and mutate every time he tries to wash the blood away because he cannot wash away the GUILT and the PAIN, dammit.

Perhaps some wet wipes and a band-aid would help?

Anyway, while Harrison is running around being as thick as usual but twice as obnoxious (sample dialogue: “You focus on this and I’m gonna post to my blog – Ruby, OSELA, my father’s murder!”), sad sack Peter is stalking Sophia, who, now she’s actually Greek Prime Minister, isn’t taking his calls. But is entirely cool with him coming up to her suite for a little…. arguing about SOC.

Sigh. Sadly, this is not a euphemism. Sophia is as bored with Peter’s whining as everybody else, and has decided “whatevs, show’s cancelled, let’s save Greece by making a deal with River Song from Doctor Who” much to her ex-lover’s chagrin, because he gave up everything for this, you guys. EVERYTHING.

Sigh again. In short: the NY plot continues to suck. So let’s get back to the Africa plot which, this week, is part travel show, part surprisingly sharp commentary on Western-centric notions of charity and part Gregory Fitoussi romancing somebody. SQUEEEEEEEE.

Mills’n’Boon prototype Luc – this week teaming his glorious sunglasses with those fabulous headset things people wear when they’re in light aircraft on TV – has arranged to fly Odelle and Aslam to the gorgeous Algerian coast, in his private plane, and put them up in his beachfront villa with the stunning sea view, in the picturesque town where he has built houses and a school. Houses and a SCHOOL.


His plan is then to transport Odelle to Spain via his private fleet of boats and trucks, because Luc apparently has more extensive transport and building infrastructure than the UN.

Of course, I’d have dissolved in a puddle of goo by this stage, but Odelle is made of sterner (stupider) stuff and is too busy planning a (bleak) Luc-less future to collapse into the bearded one’s arms.

Being overcome with White Saviour Complex, she assumes she’ll be taking Aslam with her to the US, where the Govt wants to KILL her, and everything will be fine. Being smarter than everyone else on the show put together, Luc quite correctly points out that Odelle is being a) racist, b) high-handed and c) stupid. Being a teenager, however, Aslam gets all huffy with both of them, slopes off with a girl named Naima and spends the night at her incredibly relaxed father’s house, securing a job in Libya. Oddly, nobody mentions that civil war means Libya is not the best place for a young man to head for employment at the moment, but now I think of it maybe Naima’s father isn’t quite as relaxed as he’s making out and this is some fiendish plan to get Aslam away from his daughter….

Ach, who cares? The real news is, of course, that with the kid out of the way for the night, and the townsfolk throwing a (well-deserved) party in Luc’s honour, our man gets to charm Odelle with a new dress, compliments, a blanket by the fire and a slow dance. *Fans self.* This is perhaps a little out of the blue, since, before this week, they seemed to barely tolerate each other, but never mind. It’s adorable and the best the show’s ever been, so I say again: SQUEEEEEEE.

Palpable magic in the air aside, though, everybody just about restrains themselves – “I think I’ll walk a little more” apparently being French for “I’m off to take a cold shower” – till the next morning when Luc finally makes his pitch for Odelle to stay, Odelle says she can’t despite her feelings (!) for him, and – HOUSTON WE HAVE LIFT-OFF – Luc gives her a long, lovely kiss which still doesn’t change her mind because husband, child, duty blah blah … yes I know, Odelle, but my GOD, woman. Talk about sacrifice.

Despite the minor bruise to Luc’s feelings (let me know if you need a hug, cheri), however, he still drives her out in his motorboat(!) to his, er, other boat so they can share a sweet, wistful goodbye before she and Aslam (who has stopped playing hard to get) sail off to Spain. Or not: a random tourist has tweeted that #OdelleLives, which means that all Luc’s work last week was for nothing; OSELA, Col. Glen, Harrison and Peter are back on the case, and next week’s final episode is unlikely to be anywhere near as fun and entertaining as this one.


2 thoughts on “Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 12

  1. Ace Of Wands September 16, 2015 / 5:48 pm

    Ironically, and joyously, I have yet to view the last two episodes of this due to holidaying in Greece. Has there ever been any link between this guff and the classical Odyssey? Will Odelle try to catch her husband out by returning in disguise as a humble fisherwoman? Has anyone ever been called Odelle? Do the episode titles have any meaning whatsoever?

    No doubt these, and many other questions, will not be answered by the final episode of what some have cruelly called The Poundland Homeland. I’m looking for 99p change.

    • CJ Cregg September 16, 2015 / 10:33 pm

      Heh – did you meet Homer while you were there?

      I think the links are, er, “loose.” I mean, it’s a long trip during/after a war, she’s disguised as a humble cousin of Aslam’s, her husband is being courted by that Lucy woman, she’s battling the mythical Evil Frank and the mighty forces of Osela…. And I’ve *just* discovered Odelle is Greek for “harmonious” – http://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/odelle. That might be it….

      “Poundland Homeland” – HEE.

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