Public Service Announcement 40 of 2015: Rectify, Backstrom, The Fixer

I’m now a little bit more annoyed about the launch of AMC Global, the channel that almost no-one can see, now that it’s broadcasting a show I actually wanted to watch: Rectify, a drama about a man convicted of the rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend, then exonerated after 19 years on Death Row, returning to his hometown. It’s had three (relatively brief) seasons in America, it’s been renewed for a fourth, and the critics love it. It actually started on Tuesday, but I assume – I haven’t looked, because I don’t really care – that AMC has re-runs, or an on-demand service, or something (Tuesdays, 9pm, AMC Global).

Another one that we’re a bit late to is Backstrom, which started last night. This looked pretty promising: Rainn Wilson stars as a misanthropic cop in Portland: Detective House, if you will. But the critics weren’t kind, the viewers didn’t show up, and it was cancelled after 13 episodes. So probably not worth getting invested (Wednesdays, 9pm, FOX UK).

And a real curio to finish: The Fixer, a Canadian conspiracy drama mini-series, featuring Hildy from Murder in the First. Apart from that, your guess is as good as mine: according to IMDB it’s only been shown in Sweden and Hungary, and it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry yet. So I’m kind of guessing that it… isn’t very good? But if I’m wrong, please let me know, because I heart Hildy (Friday 4 September, 10pm, FOX UK).


3 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement 40 of 2015: Rectify, Backstrom, The Fixer

  1. CJ Cregg September 3, 2015 / 10:41 pm

    According to this – – The Fixer was pushed back in the UK to accommodate MITF, oddly. I quite like McSteamy but I don’t know if that’s enough to get me watching it.

    I don’t have AMC either but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s daft. Unlike HBO, their brand just isn’t strong enough in the UK to attract any additional subscribers to BT. Mad Men was beloved by critics but had a tiny number of viewers. The Walking Dead is huge but it’s already on Fox and Five here. And Breaking Bad was massive but due to Netflix and box sets etc. Nothing else on AMC is setting the heather alight in terms of viewers so what is the point in making it exclusive? People aren’t going to be lining up to subscribe to BT to get Rectify or Turn or whatever.

  2. Snoskred September 4, 2015 / 2:47 am

    Rectify is fantastic, I have deeply loved it – I suspect CJ would enjoy it greatly. It is a very slow paced show. Aden Young reminds me a little bit of Jon Hamm – he has the kind of fascinating face that you just want to look at, and will never get bored of. Also I love the opening credits of the show.

    I don’t understand the concept of AMC Global but I suspect perhaps some people over there are drinking way too much of their own press. TWD is boring as all get out now, Mad Men and Breaking Bad are finished, and I don’t think anyone there is actively looking to create some more awesome television, considering what they created was FTWD. Heck, why not create a million zombie spin offs, set in all different locations in the world. It can be a franchise!

    • CJ Cregg September 8, 2015 / 10:29 pm

      Snoskred, I saw a photo of Aden Young and see what you mean – he reminds me of Jon Hamm too! I’m sure I would like Rectify, but I don’t have AMC Global so I’ll maybe catch it in the future on some other platform in due course. For now, I’ll need to watch some of the other zillion shows on my list instead…. as long as none of them are zombie spin offs 😉

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