Nashville s3 ep 16

For long stretches of this typically entertaining episode, just about everyone was being really, really stupid. Rayna and Deacon argue because he’s ill, essentially. She sulks because he wants to cope on his own; he pouts because she won’t leave him alone. They they have sexytime and everything’s OK, although it was hard to escape the suspicion that they hooked up because they wanted to see the look on Older Girl’s face when they told her.

Will and Kevin write a (rather good) song together, and there’s enough chemistry in the room to suggest they’re about to start making out. “I knew you two would be the right fit!” Luke cheerfully bellows. Then Kevin throws an arm round Will’s shoulders, and Will visibly recoils, because he’s so not gay. Kevin – understandably – decides he wants nothing more to do with Will, who then belatedly realises that he can’t wrote on his own. So he goes crawling back to Kevin, whose reaction suggests that his gaydar pinged a while back.

Layla eschews the Deschanel-isms this week, instead going for petulant schoolgirl when she thinks that Jeff might, ages ago, have slept with some blogger. Yeah, Layla; Jeff was a virgin when you met him. Then they try having a proper relationship, which lasts for five minutes or so. And Luke and Sadie have several Moments, although nothing happens. Actually, now that Luke’s away from Rayna I think I like him a little more, although I can’t imagine that Rayna would be delighted by Sadie jumping her ex. Steer clear, Sadie, please.

Meantime Scarlett and Gunnar, now on the road with the Triple Xs, are joint runners-up in the idiocy smackdown: Scarlett decides to engage with haters on Twitter; and Gunnar – now very much back in love with Scarlett – waits and waits before doing anything about it, by which time Dr Moderately-Hot is in town, sweeping Scarlett off her feet with roses and a night at the Four Seasons. Come ON, Gunnar. #TeamGunnlettFTW.

As ever, though, it’s Mayor Teddy who beats everyone else at dumbassery. He hires Lamar’s old rough-stuff go-to guy to confirm that the FBI has Natasha under surveillance, then decides that the best way, the very best way, to get out of the trouble he’s in is to have a clandestine meeting with a hooker and offer to pay her off to leave the country. Then, to raise the six-figure sum that’s going to cost, he tries to get the city’s finance director to set up an investment fund for him to dip into, something which he negotiates with his usual calm, tact, and finesse: he doesn’t quite scream “I NEED A $500K SLUSH FUND STAT TO BRIBE A HO”, but he isn’t far away.

The previouslies give a clue to how the episode is going to end, though: Sadie is approached by her douchebag ex, and after a struggle she shoots him, presumably fatally. Liver, Deacon! Liver!


2 thoughts on “Nashville s3 ep 16

  1. CJ Cregg September 2, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    Avery + Juliette = ADORBS.

    Gunnar didn’t seem overly fussed about Scarlett when Instakid or Zoey were around, but suddenly he’s crazy in love with her again? Because she has a new boyfriend or just because it suits the plot for them to be Deacon and Rayna Junior and doomed to be on/off/on/off forever?

    Scarlett engaging with haters on Twitter was both a deeply stupid and very, very Scarlett thing to do so kudos to the writers on that, I guess.

    Deacon/Rayna – zzzzzzzzz. Maddie being all excited that her parents are getting it on again – ugh. I just feel sorry for poor Daphne, stuck out on the fringes of the happy family reunion.

    Layla behaved like a jealous tween this week. Poor Daphne is more mature than she is.

    And re Luke and Sadie – you know I’ve loathed Luke since we met him, Jed, but I thought this week he came across better than he ever has before. He seemed to have lots of chemistry with Sadie (unlike his relationship with Rayna which always seemed completely free of chemistry or passion) and she brought out a much more likeable side of him than anyone else has yet. I agree with you that, professionally, it’s a terrible idea for Sadie to go there (assuming she ends up free to go anywhere other than jail), but as far as compatibility and watchability are concerned – so help me – I think they might actually make a good couple.

    OMG I can’t believe there’s a ship I can actually get on board with for Luke Slimeballl Wheeler. I might have to go lie down.

  2. Jed Bartlet September 2, 2015 / 11:05 pm

    Yeah, I used to hate Luke as well. But Rayna really treated him terribly – it’s bad enough to do that to someone when you’re both private citizens, but when the whole world’s watching it’s a remarkably cruel form of humiliation. And the follow-up for him has been getting a front-row seat to Deacon and Rayna’s “We’re Still In Love, Y’All” tour of Nashville.

    So I thought his fury was justified, and was prepared to let the tail-hunting slide as well. (And his music has been a zillion times better.) He’s actually been a lot more bearable, and his scenes this week with Sadie were actually – and I can’t quite believe I’m saying this – rather… lovely? They actually seemed to like each other, which is never a vibe I got from Layna. It still wouldn’t be a good move for Sadie, but who knows?

    Gunnar, in fairness, was out of Scarlett’s direct orbit for much of the season. But now they’re working together again he’s remembered just how much he loves her. And Doctor Caleb can just pack up his roses, his little surprise visits, and his room at the Four Seasons and EFF OFF OUT OF THE EFFING WAY.

    Ahem. I may be taking this too seriously.

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