Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 11


After all this time circling the same plot drain, this week’s Odyssey sees Peter and Harrison finally meet, as Harrison crashes the “Yusuf Qasim’s a killer” press conference in his usual “rant now, have no chance of proving anything later” fashion and Peter stands around wondering what to do now.

It only takes a few minutes of puzzling over who gets to wear the “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt for things to go wrong, though. Harrison gets all huffy and suspicious, and storms off, deciding he will NOT tell Peter everything he knows, thank you very much. This is a major disappointment to Peter, who has already been dumped by Sophia and is about to be dumped by both SOC and his wife, and a major surprise to me, since Megamouth Harrison has spent the entire season spilling his guts to every single person he’s come across. Now that he’s met someone who might actually want to work with him, he clams up?


Unceremoniously ditching Peter (something of a theme this week) then, Harrison goes off on a brief, ill-advised road trip with Not-Ruby-Not-a-Reporter to a secluded beachfront cabin so they can have naked, mechanical sex (again) in front of a fireplace and I can throw up on my sofa cushions.


Happily for my sorely-tested stomach, however, this unpleasantness doesn’t last long. Harrison finds out Not Ruby’s secret, Not Ruby tearfully declares that she’s “sick, (she’s) twisted and (she) fell in love with” him (the first two characteristics possibly explaining the third, I suppose) and commits suicide by cop, because we only have two more episodes to go and Odyssey is cleaning house.

Or should I say “cleaning Shaman’s Hut, Slums of Timbuktu” since the on-screen titles helpfully point out that’s where Odelle is now being held, in a very odd sub-plot, part of which makes sense and part of which is completely demented?

“You bring death, Odelle Ballard,” (I’ve been saying that for weeks) says Mr Shaman, “You will suffer,” before cutting her, half-drowning her and force-feeding her hallucinogenic mud, which… WTF?

Mr Shaman’s pronouncement that “Death is the only way,” does turn out to be entirely correct, of course, the magnificent Luc having enlisted him (and somehow wrangled the homicidal child soldiers too) as part of an elaborate scheme to fake Odelle’s death for the benefit of the most gullible Osela operative in the world. “Gun full of blanks and some blood. Fools them every time,” Luc muses. “Not if they’ve ever watched tv before, mon amour,” I reply. “But bisous, nonetheless.”

The death-faking part of the plan is fine, good, even, with Gregory Fitoussi carrying it all off with his usual aplomb and making up for the awful New York plot in the process. But the torture and tripping Odelle endures seem bizarrely unnecessary. Why put her (and us) through all that? Did the Shaman refuse to help unless they put in a five-minute dream sequence? Or did the writers think we couldn’t ship Luc and Odelle unless Dead-but-still-jealous-Serena came back and told us to?

It’s all very strange. But just about worth sitting through to get to Luc’s “I saved your life…. Now you’re dead, so you can live,” and “Come on, we have a plane to catch,” at the end. Hurrah! Odelle’s ungrateful and ungracious to him as ever, of course, but I think we’ve already established she’s a fool. Or she’s still strung out on hallucinogenic mud. Either way, if she doesn’t want Luc, I know an Odyssey recapper who’d be happy to take him off her hands…


2 thoughts on “Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 11

  1. Ace Of Wands September 2, 2015 / 11:09 am

    It’s no good moving it back an hour, BBC, we all know already that this is an absolute clunker.

    Ruby Not Really is the most ridiculous character in the history of TV, veering from emotionless professional undercover assassin to emotional, wuvvy duvvy female cipher who falls for the stupidest man in the World, who can’t even grow a proper beard. What was the point of that storyline? It was just incredible, in the sense that it just wasn’t credible. RNR was so irritating that I nearly shot her myself 3 times. When the cops arrived,I was shouting at the screen ‘Shoot her! Kill her!’ Yay! Meanwhile No Mates Peter will have to go back to his part-time job as a poor Tom Cruise lookalike.

    As for the dream sequence, I thought I’d inadvertently switched over to the Waking Dead, or Carrie. I was hoping that the whole thing had been a dream, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Odyssey exists.

    I liked it.

    • CJ Cregg September 2, 2015 / 10:41 pm

      “No Mates Peter will have to go back to his part-time job as a poor Tom Cruise lookalike” – HEE. Well played, Ace, well played.

      Totally agree with you about Ruby and how ridiculous and ill-conceived everything about her was. I’m delighted she’s dead too. If only the cops had taken Harrison out at the same time….

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