Jane the Virgin s1 ep 19

Another difficult week, relationship-wise, for the junior Villanueva women. Jane is unwilling to accept that it’s over, and she manages to persuade a reluctant Rafael that they should go and see a therapist. It kind of works for a while – and that skinny-dipping scene was ALL kinds of hot – but by the end he’s back where he started: he loves Jane, but not in that way. He may be lying, of course.

Rogelio, meantime, is preparing for his one-night-only residency in #DeLaVegas. The highlight of the episode, of course – of course – belonged, as it always does, to him; specifically his song for Jane’s baby, which ends far too soon when Jane’s writing tutor smacks him in the face because of a long-ago romantic misunderstanding, which the Rogelio gift basket with two smoked meats didn’t quite mitigate. (Although their next romantic misunderstanding happens far more quickly than I would have imagined.) We should have expected the song to be good, of course; as Rogelio had already explained, “I don’t like to use the term triple threat, because it suggests I’m limited to only three skills.” But he then finds out about Xiomara kissing Marco, and his pride won’t accept it. That, too, is no surprise.

Petra ends up alone as well: after managing to escape from Aaron/Roman, she needs someone to talk to, and calls Rafael, who can’t speak to her at that point. I half-wondered if she was going to phone Michael at that point, but instead she’s so lonely that she calls her mother. Hm. I’ve rather warmed to Petra after she got out from under Magda’s influence, so I’m not sure how I feel about that, even if it might lead to Alba getting a proper storyline. Romantic, sad, and funny. A lovely episode.


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