Public Service Announcement 39 of 2015: Narcos, Fear The Walking Dead, The Pinkertons

Narcos, the latest show off the Netflix production line, was made available this morning. It’s a ten part drama based on the story of the Colombia-based Medellín cartel, and drug lord Pablo Escobar. The advance reviews suggest it’s very good. Hell, it probably is. But who has the time to watch it?

And for UK viewers there’s yet another example of the perils of #peakTV on Monday, when undead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead starts. I wasn’t planning to watch anyway, but even if I were I wouldn’t have been able to, because it’s on yet another new channel that not everyone can see: AMC Global, which has some sort of exclusive carriage deal with BT. Or if you have a £20 per month BT Sport deal through Sky – but not Virgin – you can see it, or something. I’m boring myself now, but one more time: if you make it difficult and/or costly for people to watch your silly zombie show, they’ll find an easy and cheap way. Or perhaps, as I suggested when previewing The Americans, viewers will sign up for BT in their millions. Who knows?

Finally, a show that lots of people can see, but probably won’t: The Pinkertons, a Canadian period drama based on real life cases from the archive of the detective agency of the same name, starts on Sunday on UK Drama. Freeview, Sky, Virgin; take your pick. Angus Macfadyen stars as the first Pinkerton.


2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement 39 of 2015: Narcos, Fear The Walking Dead, The Pinkertons

  1. Snoskred August 29, 2015 / 4:28 am

    I gave up on The Walking Dead halfway through the most recent season. I deeply love the character of Daryl, like *hugely* love both the character and Norman Reedus. But the show had become so terribly depressing without enough Daryl to offset that factor, plus, when you did see him, his haircut was so utterly inconvenient for a zombie apocalypse, plus, it was quite a ridiculous hairstyle for a character who started out with almost a buzz cut..

    Then I did a little reading on what happens to the known characters in the comics and said, I’ve had enough.

    Plus, every zombie started to look exactly the same, and they all looked like Greg Nicotero done up as a zombie, to me anyway.

    With that said, The Walking Dead did have an amazing premiere and I thought the first season was the best of all the seasons. So the expectations of people were high for this new show. From all reports, it broke all previous cable records, with 10.13 million people tuning in. And from everything I have read, that number will be a *lot* less next week, because it was a deeply boring premiere.

    I still read recaps of the shows, but the amount of time it takes me to read a recap is a *lot* less than watching the show, so I’m saving myself that time for better shows. 🙂

    I’m not sure about Narcos, but I’ll add The Pinkertons to my list.

  2. CJ Cregg August 29, 2015 / 10:27 pm

    I only made it through the first season of TWD – I agree with you, Snoskred, it was very good but just relentlessly grim. There was no hope of anything good happening to anybody, and it made watching it a thoroughly depressing experience. I couldn’t bring myself to carry on into season 2 in the end. The weird exclusive carriage deal for AMC UK annoys me on principle but I wouldn’t have watched Fear the Walking Dead anyway so good to know I’m not really missing out.

    The Pinkertons sounds suspiciously like Murdoch Mysteries to me….

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