Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 10

Ugh. An episode featuring a number of nasty moments starts with perhaps the most revolting: Harrison the Moron and Not-Ruby-not-a-Reporter in bed, naked, mid lip-lock.

You GUYS. A girl can only take so much.

Thankfully, we’re saved by the ringtone; a hysterical phone call from a distraught Bob claiming Not Ruby killed his mother puts a pin in the, er, “passion” and spares the audience further unnecessary distress. Of course, Harrison doesn’t believe it (I ‘m not sure I do, either, in fairness – why would she kill her second biggest fan?) but has just enough brain cells to leave Not Ruby at home while he simultaneously tries to calm poor Bob down, contact Khulus and not get beaten up by Osela heavies. Speaking of whom: I’m no expert, but if you were a “private security” force for hire, and your services included hush-hush assaults and murders, would you really want to brand yourself with an easily identifiable, Google-able team tattoo? Could you not make do with a secret handshake?

No matter. While Harrison fails on all counts (as usual), Not Ruby tries to bamboozle her boss into thinking she’s “not a killer.” Her boss isn’t fooled for a second, though, since he remembers watching episode 3 when she killed Harrison’s dad. So, Not Rubes is told she’s to kill Harrison pronto or someone else will. Once they’ve told him who killed his dad and broken up Harruby forever.

At which point, my eyes roll out of my head and down the back of the sofa in protest because come on, you guys, Harrison and Not Ruby have the chemistry of dry Weetabix and Abdul Abbas turning out to be Santa Claus would be more believable than the idea that they’re in grand, doomed love.

Not that the Harrison/Not Ruby sub-plot has a monopoly on unbelievable when it comes to this show, though, since, elsewhere in New York, walking whine Peter inexplicably manages to persuade poor Imam Khulus (who has both Harrison *and* Peter stalking him at the same time, my God) that he (Peter) is “the only one who can help Yusuf.”

Mr Qasim, however, isn’t quite so easily persuaded by our man with no plan’s promise to “do everything in my power to protect”him. Nor is the audience, given that both Danny Gentry and Traitor Joe can speak to the fact that Peter has no power. Or they could if one wasn’t dead and the other one wasn’t offscreen awaiting trial for treason.

After a quick riverside meeting, the artist formerly known as the Jack of Spades works it out for himself anyway and, rather than relying on Peter’s imaginary power, decides to do something completely, insanely stupid instead – stupidity clearly being contagious on this show – and assassinate a U.S. Senator because, obviously, the way to prove to the world you’re not a terrorist is to murder an elected official in broad daylight in front of an entire security detail who just stand there being useless.


Which leaves us with whatever’s going on in the Mali part of the plot: a lot of flip-flopping, that’s what. Odelle doesn’t want to kill Evil Frank. Then she does. Aslam does want to kill Evil Frank. Then he doesn’t. And Luc isn’t on Odelle’s side. Then he is. Then he isn’t. Then he recruits an army of dehumanised child soldiers to take her to their Death Hut because… oh, who knows?

There’s usually some fun to be had in the Mali plot but it’s just nasty this week, the apex (or nadir I suppose) of its unpleasantness being what I think is the show’s attempt at brutal realism (but really, why start now, Odyssey?): a truly horrible sequence where the child soldiers psychologically torture and kill a defenceless old man. In fairness, it’s a powerful, harrowing collection of scenes, but it’s also out of place and depressing in a show so silly.

Still, this week’s episode does manage to surprise me with a couple of major character deaths I didn’t see coming. And Luc telling Odelle it’s not her fault and letting her go is a nice, almost shippable moment – squee! I do think his child soldier/Death Hut plan has to be about protecting her rather than betraying her, but we shall see what next week brings.


4 thoughts on “Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 10

  1. Ace Of Wands August 27, 2015 / 7:36 am

    I’m detecting sarcasm here, CJ. Good work.

    I suspect that the writers of Odyssey have been inspired by Breaking Bad. Not by the plot, but by Walter White’s product. That chimp trying to write Hamlet has a lot to answer for. Water boarding as an alternative for Sunday night is starting to look attractive. By the way, Odelle, you’re married remember, to Chin Boy.

    • CJ Cregg August 27, 2015 / 10:13 pm

      Heh, thanks Ace 🙂

      From a very easy storytelling perspective (I know, it’s Odyssey) I do think it was a mad decision to have Odelle be married to anybody. You have Gregory Fitoussi in your cast, he’s to spend all this time with the female lead on the run and you *don’t* think to make sure she’s single and ready to mingle with the handsomest man on tv? If I were writing it, Odelle’s sister would replace her husband and kid and the Africa sub-plot would have started getting very shipper-friendly about 6 weeks ago….

  2. Redtkatet August 27, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    The divine Gregory Fitoussi and this blog are the only things that have kept me watching this absolute drivel for weeks now – and I fear even this isn’t enough to keep me watching after this, the most boring of episodes.

    Not only is this show boring but I regularly (depressingly) find myself confused by what’s going on – can’t work out if it’s because the plot is so convoluted or because I’ve switched off and have started reading / surfing the net whilst watching, lifting my gaze every so often to check if Luc is back on screen.

    Only plus point of this episode was the absence of Odelle’s daughter and annoying husband (aka Lembit Opik).

    If the BBC spent more than 50p acquiring this show they were robbed…

    • CJ Cregg August 27, 2015 / 10:22 pm

      Hi RedtKatet, welcome to unpopcult – good to have you aboard 🙂

      I’m with you – I’m only watching for Gregory F myself. I can’t believe how much time they waste on the awful Harrison and Peter, when they could have so much more Luc! This episode wasn’t exactly inspiring, I agree, but I feel I’ve come this far so I might as well hang in till the bitter end. Hopefully we’ll get a few more shots of Luc in his sunglasses to make it almost worthwhile…. 😉

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