Glee s6 ep 8

It’s the week of Brittany and Santana’s nuptials, and in true let’s-just-do-the-show-right-here style the Glee team rocks up at the barn in Indiana where Brittany was born, and turns it into a wedding venue. Santana tells Sue that she isn’t invited, for perfectly sound reasons, but this hurts Sue’s fee-fees. Because she’s actually all sensitive. So Sue proves herself by dragging Santana’s abuela to the wedding, then contriving to get Kurt and Blaine to the altar as well. (Good Sue line: “Will you give America what at least 52 percent of it will legally tolerate?”)

The problem, of course, isn’t that the prospective spouses are the same gender; it’s that they’re all so young. At least Mike Chang is sensible enough to reject Tina’s proposal of marriage, although he’s a lone voice of reason; the show, for example, manages to turn Walter’s touching evocation of all that he lost while staying in the closet – “You’re right at the beginning of it all. I look at you and I think of the lifetime of love I could’ve had if I hadn’t wasted it pretending to be someone I’m not. You’re lucky, Kurt. Go be lucky” – into an argument for getting married when you’re barely out of high school.

Still, once again the episode shows how far society has come in the past few years, and I will never tire of praising Glee for the part it played. If anything, the proof is that this episode, featuring two same-sex marriages, is dull rather than incendiary. The music was nothing special either: ‘Hey Ya!’ was OK, but could have done with being a little less disciplined. ‘I’m So Excited’ was probably the pick of the bunch, with Gloria Estefan – there as someone’s parent, I think; I lost track of the parents – helping out on vocals.


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