Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 4


Blah blah New York, blah blah DOJ…. A re-energised Peter is determined to use the document/ smoking gun Sophia gave him to bring SOC down. This annoys Mrs Peter, who remembers the “mistake”(uh-oh) he made with Sophia four years ago and isn’t at all convinced he’s learned his lesson. Since it only takes about 12 seconds and a couple of crime scene photos for him to trust Traitor Joe with everything he knows AGAIN, I can see why Mrs Peter’s worried: her husband is clearly not a man who learns lessons. Her husband is an idiot.

This idiocy is further borne out by a bizarre scene where Peter and Traitor Joe crash some super-bigwig party to tell some super-bigwig Peter’s onto them. Peter, dude, they know. That’s why they carjacked you and stole your evidence and stuff last week, mind? And it’s why they’re now cracking down on your DOJ pal. Like I said: idiot.

I can’t quite decide whether Peter is quite as stupid as Harrison – still believing in Ruby-not-a-Reporter, OMG – though, since Harrison’s overwhelming obnoxiousness is clouding my assessment of just how much of a moron he is. This week, Mr Occupy-way-too-much-screentime surpasses himself by making his father’s eulogy (goodbye, Randall, you deserved better) all about himself and his search for the truth, instead of about, y’know, his dead father. I imagine we were supposed to be moved and inspired by the young man’s pluck but, given that Harrison’s search for the truth consists of the terrified Bob doing all the work and Harrison telling Ruby-not-a-Reporter all about it, I certainly wasn’t.

Forget the New York battle of the bozos, then, Bamako is the place to go on Odyssey this week, with all the best characters hanging out there, accompanied by all the best parts of the plot.

Poor Odelle is locked up in Ansar Dine’s “safe” house, with interrogator Omar threatening to kill her if Aslam and the flash drive aren’t found in 24 hours, and interrogator Omar’s right-hand man trying to rape her. (It really sucks to be Odelle.) She isn’t Special Forces for nothing, though, summarily dispatching said right-hand man with a spoon to the neck (OUCH) and making a break for it with the help of the Misses Ansar Dine while the Misters are distracted by the football. Boys, huh?

Sadly for Odelle, however, her exciting (and nicely soundtracked – I do like the music on Odyssey) dash through the narrow streets of Bamako comes to a stop in a dead-end street with Evil Frank and a gun at one side and the Ansar boys at the other. Picking the side marginally less likely to kill her where she stands, back she goes to a visibly amused Omar – “You did all that with a spoon? I would kill you right now if I wasn’t so deeply impressed” – who stops finding things quite so funny when Evil Frank moves onto killing his buddies instead.

As Team Omar ponders what to do about this, Aslam is at his uncle’s house, making unimpressed faces, trying to secure help for Odelle and kidding himself that Luc, the coolest man in the world, doesn’t know where he is. Heh. Of course, Luc knows where you are, fella. He’s not standing around directly under your window, looking amazing in his sunglasses, for a laugh now, is he?

While Luc calmly waits for the plot to remember what’s good for it and turn back to him, though, Aslam’s uncle unexpectedly takes a turn as the most useful person on the planet, summoning a Malian General to help, working out where Odelle’s being held and persuading said Malian General to mount the world’s most relaxed rescue mission (I have never seen a bunch of tv characters less interested in the building they just blew up or the guy that just escaped through it), all in less than half an episode. Et voila! Odelle is saved!

Or not. We do have nine more eps to fill, so our intrepid heroine is obliged to take yet another one for the team, grabbing the idiot ball from the boys in New York and contacting Col Glen, presumably to ensure another attempt on her life next week. Your plot thanks you for your service, Odelle. Although I do hope the fantastic Luc gets a bit more to do next time you’re in trouble; “Tango Uniform” was entertaining enough, but, despite only having one line and less than a minute of screentime, Gregory Fitoussi’s magnificently charismatic drug dealer walked away with the entire thing, outshining everyone else with ease. Give him more to do, show. It’ll be worth it.


4 thoughts on “Odyssey (American Odyssey) ep 4

  1. Snoskred July 15, 2015 / 4:48 pm

    The plot lines here are getting so outrageously complicated and batshit off the wall that I am not even sure exactly what I am watching now..

    Why did the people just dump Odelle in the street? How did they end up capturing the guy she shot? Who the heck was that Harrison was sleeping with? Was the senator scene an excuse to put Peter in a tux? I mean I appreciate the effort, it suits him (haha lol)

    I think I can see why this was cancelled – it is far too complicated to follow all the plots. 🙂 Some of the people look too similar eg the chick Harrison slept with and Reporter Girl.. And when some of the plots I really never cared about in the first place eg all the plots involving Harrison.. and unfortunately, 85% of the plots involving Peter..

    I’m so confused by it all.. :/

    With that said, I love Rescue General. He was so happy to rescue her! And I love Aslams uncle/aunt. And I think future scenes with uncle/aunt, Luc, Aslam, and the Rescue General would be awesomely enjoyable. I will just have to hope the show gives them to us. By the look of the preview, maybe not.

    • CJ Cregg July 16, 2015 / 12:15 am

      Heh I know what you mean about complicated and off the wall. There is way too much going on and most of it is completely bonkers.

      I *think* Team Omar left Odelle in the street like that as bait to trap Evil Frank – they must’ve given her the guns so she could surprise and fight him while Team Omar pretended to leave but just hid, and then, when she’d shot and defeated Evil Frank, they popped back and scooped both her and the temporarily-incapacitated Evil Frank up.

      No idea what the girl Harrison slept with is actually called but she was the girlfriend who dumped him and kicked him out of her apartment in either ep 1 or 2 for I can’t remember what – I’d say it was for being Harrison, but that didn’t deter her from getting back with him so I wash my hands of her!

      Can’t help with the Peter-in-a-tux scene, though. Your explanation makes the most sense 😉 …

      D’you know, I agonised over whether to call Aslam’s relative uncle or aunt but went with uncle because Luc said “he’s hilarious” when we first saw him on the tv. Now I’m not sure what to do! I might steal your idea and use uncle/aunt until we get a clearer steer from the character who IMDB tells me is called Shakir Khan. Thank you IMDB!

      Shakir was quite epically competent this week, wasn’t s/he? I can’t get over just how much s/he accomplished! And Rescue General was hilariously pleased with himself, I agree 🙂 I don’t think that feeling is likely to last though 😦

  2. Snoskred August 1, 2015 / 7:30 am

    I think this might have been the last episode for me.. and here is why.

    Faced with watching Bobby Simone die again on NYPD Blue, an event which when I get to season 6, I am generally looking to put off until I’ve seen every other recent thing which arrived here.. I considered watching the next two episodes as a movie length episode and then realised that I would actually *prefer* to watch Bobby die than more escapades of Harrison and clueless Peter and nowhere near enough Luc, Aslam and Odelle.

    Now that is really saying something. Because watching American Odyssey just = resting b*tch face for me, and watching Bobby die = ugly crying face for me.

    I think this show is two shows trying to take each other over – the US stuff, and the stuff in Africa. This show might have been 150% better if it picked the Africa show to star more than the US stuff. But that is kind of like saying, a cat has four legs, my dog has four legs, therefore my dog is a cat. 🙂

    • CJ Cregg August 1, 2015 / 9:02 pm

      I can’t really blame you, Snoskred. The U.S. stuff gets even worse in the next couple of eps, and the amount of time spent on the worst character in the world (HARRISON) when there are much more entertaining characters in the Africa strand is baffling. The next couple of eps are only redeemed by the Africa bits so I suppose if you change your mind and decide to keep watching, you could always just fast-forward through all the NY stuff…

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