Public Service Announcement 33 of 2015: 7 Days in Hell, Agent Carter, Rookie Blue, Black Sails, Dominion, Ray Donovan, Veep

Apologies in advance if I sound a bit grumpy. There seems to be a lot on over the next few days, but none of it’s ringing my bell too loudly.

First up – and possibly the only thing I might watch – is 7 Days in Hell, HBO’s very well-received spoofy-comedy mockumentary thingy with Andy Samberg and Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, as two rivals playing the longest tennis match in history while lots of other famous people pop in to share the laughs. Hot on the heels of both Wimbledon and the show’s US debut last night, Sky Atlantic is showing 7 Days in Hell at 10.10pm tonight (Sunday) and while it’s normally not my type of thing, my Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms are such that I’m tempted….

While 7 Days at least sounds a bit offbeat, though, the week’s other offerings seem to consist largely of spin-offs, prequels and procedural stuff that I’m struggling to get excited about.

Tonight at 9pm on Fox, for instance, sees the UK premiere of Agent Carter, the Captain America spin-off / Agents of Shield prequel / whatever Marvel designation you want to give it. It’s managed acceptable (if not overly inspiring) numbers in the U.S. and been renewed for a second season, but – much as I enjoyed the Captain America films – I was completely unimpressed by tv stablemate Agents of Shield, so Agent Carter will just need to go on out there and save the world without me watching. I’m sure she’ll manage.

9pm on Universal tonight, meanwhile, sees the return of popular cop procedural Rookie Blue, apparently – astoundingly – for its sixth season. I had no idea it was that old, but time flies when you’re solving crime, I guess.

Tuesday at 10pm on the History channel has the UK debut of Treasure Island prequel Black Sails – two seasons of which have already aired in the US, to mixed reviews, with a third season already commissioned, so if you want to catch up with your pirate drama, now’s your chance.

But Wednesday’s all about the returnees rather than the newbies. None of them are quite as long in the tooth as Rookie Blue, but Legion spin-off Dominion starts its second season on Syfy at 9pm, fixer Ray Donovan is back for his third at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, and Emmy-winning political comedy Veep’s fourth follows hot on Ray’s heels (also on Atlantic) at 10.10pm. I’ve tried and given up on all three but they each have their fans so if you’re one of them, enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement 33 of 2015: 7 Days in Hell, Agent Carter, Rookie Blue, Black Sails, Dominion, Ray Donovan, Veep

  1. Tim July 13, 2015 / 11:21 am

    Rats. Missed 7 Days in Hell, so I’ll have to seek that out.

    I only managed the first episode and a half of Agent Carter – I liked it but it fell off my schedule due to insufficient time, so I’ll pick this up again now. I rather enjoy Rookie Blue although I’ve never really worked out why – I think it’s because it’s an otherwise routine procedural that focuses more on character than casework and, just as importantly, fills a nice gap in my summer viewing before the madness of Five-0 resumes …

  2. e July 13, 2015 / 4:00 pm


    *collapses upon delivering message in best imitation of Pheidippides*

  3. e July 13, 2015 / 4:02 pm

    (Should I point out that Agent Carter is a hundred times better, richer, and deeper show than the miserable Agents of SHIELD one? Plus, it’s only 8 eps long)

    • CJ Cregg July 14, 2015 / 7:39 pm

      Heh, ok – message received. *adds Agent Carter to schedule*

      • CJ Cregg October 12, 2015 / 10:08 pm

        Aaaaaand…. only took me three months, but I watched Agent Carter over a few days and ended up really enjoying it. Took a few eps to get into it, but by the end I was loving it. Totally agree with you, e, it is a hundred times better than the useles SHIELD. I was particularly fond of Peggy herself and lovely Jarvis, but even Jack Thomson grew on me to the extent I am now a bona fide Cartson shipper and am very annoyed we have to wait till 2016 for new eps.

        One character I don’t get the appeal of, though: Angie. I find her really boring and she adds absolutely nothing to the show.

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