Nashville s3 ep 7

Two months have elapsed since the events of the last episode, which means that Deacon can write off a whole European tour in half a sentence, rather than have the production team go to the trouble and expense of pretending that the Luke show has just rolled into Oslo, or wherever. For Luke, there’s the thinly-veiled likelihood that he might be gettin’ some for the first time in weeks, but Rayna’s been promised a Rolling Stone cover if she lets a journalist get a look behind the scenes – including a delightful scene with a full-on hormonal Juliette – which means that she and Luke won’t be “spending time” together.

Luke’s annoyed, to say the least; but it turns to panic for both of them when the journo catches future step-siblings Colt and Older Girl making out. And the only way Rayna can stop RS from running the story is to offer the full story of her and Deacon. Unless she fibs, this isn’t going to end well for Ruke. For Deacon himself, meantime, it’s a quiet week: a bad cold and a graceful, what-goes-on-tour disentanglement from Pam.

The time leap also means that Juliette can, finally, be as pregnant as Hayden Panettiere looks. There’s more unpleasantness with Avery this week, to the point where I was finally wondering if she’d suffered enough. I’ve been on Team Avery on this issue until now: not only was she unfaithful, it was of course with Jeff, which goes way beyond the merely unforgiveable. But there’s also a time to stop behaving like a jerk, dude, and that’s round about now. As he seems to accept.

And two months on it looks as if the toxic Will and Layla relationship has evolved into something more affectionate: he’s supportive of her first steps into songwriting (which, as it happens, produce something much more interesting than the bland number Rayna offers the viewers of Dancing With The Stars). It all comes to a halt, though, when they attend the first screening of their reality TV show, which is edited to make Layla look like an idiot, and not because she’s stayed married to her gay husband. Poor Layla. I think she deserves something nice to happen to her now, even if she’s not a character I’m too bothered about.

On the other hand, I’m famously over-invested in Scarlett and Gunnar. Scarlett’s storyline continues to be a little problematic, though: homeless Terry has cleaned himself up and started songwriting again, so Scarlett, apparently on day release from songwriting prison, persuades him to perform at the Bluebird. He’ll only go on stage if she sings with him, though, so she overcomes her stage fright and gets up there. You see? They’ve fixed each other! Credit to the writers for combining the Magical Negro and the White Saviour in one plot, I suppose.

And Gunnar’s still bonding with his son Micah, to Zoey’s evident eye-rolling irritation. But then Kiley decides that she can’t live without her new boyfriend Brad (?) who doesn’t want kids, and effs off, leaving Gunnar and Zoey to look after Micah. One can see Kiley’s point: she’s been sole carer for Micah for years. But then, of course, Gunnar didn’t actually know he had a son. If he does, that is: might be time to get the DNA test, Gunn? Another absurdly entertaining episode.


2 thoughts on “Nashville s3 ep 7

  1. CJ Cregg July 1, 2015 / 11:48 pm

    Re Juliette: I agree what she did was awful, but I’ve been over Avery’s behaviour for a couple of weeks now. I think I said last week he needed to stop it, so I was delighted he seemed to come around this week – good job talking some compassion into him, Emily!

    The combination Magical Negro / White Saviour story – oh Dear God. I cannot believe no one in the writers’ room or the editing suite or ANYWHERE between the storyboard and broadcast stages didn’t point out this was a terrible idea.

    Re Kiley – I don’t care if you’ve raised your kid alone for 10 years (your own choice, mind), he’s YOUR kid. You don’t stop being his mum even if his dad enters the frame. Abandoning him like that to chase after some deadbeat boyfriend was appalling. Having said that, I don’t care about this story or these people. Is there no other singing work Zoey can get? Or no other cafes she can work at? Why does it have to be a choice between Juliette’s tour and doing Gunnar’s laundry?

    Am growing increasingly tired of Rayna being disingenuous about her work. “I had no choice” – uh, you did, Rayna, you *chose* to do the Rolling Stone weekend for perfectly legitimate career reasons, so fair enough, own it. Stop acting like this is your first rodeo and you’ve never had to make career-related sacrifices before, supposed Queen of Country Music.

    PS – Layla’s song was really good, wasn’t it? So was Juliette’s. Best songs we’ve had on the show for ages.

  2. Jed Bartlet July 2, 2015 / 12:15 am

    They really haven’t bothered much at all about the music this season. I agree that the Layla and Juli songs were good; much better than the will-this-do? rubbish they saddled Rayna with. (With Luke, as you said a couple of weeks ago, it’s very probably a deliberate choice to give him those boring but competent big-hat songs.)

    The writers are making Rayna pretty unsympathetic this season. If it’s deliberate, it’s courageous.

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