Public Service Announcement 31 of 2015: Under The Dome, Cordon, Royal Pains

I watched season 1 of Under The Dome, which – in the manner of most high-concept TV shows – started reasonably well and then disappeared down any number of rabbit-holes. On that basis I skipped season 2, so I can’t tell you if it ever got any better. And now we’re at the third season, starting in the UK just a few days after American transmission. Well done, Channel 5. I won’t be watching this one either, although I do have a feeling that if I did I’d probably quite enjoy it (Monday 29 June, 10pm, Channel 5).

Another show I won’t be bothering with is Belgian drama Cordon, which started last night, and sounds a little like Under The Dome without the dome: the centre of Antwerp is walled off in an attempt to contain a deadly virus. Usual stupid double-bills (Saturdays, 9pm, BBC4, available on demand).

One show I have stuck with is Royal Pains. We’re more or less a full year behind America with this trivial but diverting story of doctors in the Hamptons, but as I’ve never met anyone else who watches the show I really can’t complain; it’s as if it were being broadcast just for me (tonight, 8pm, Universal, with first showings pointlessly early on Sunday mornings; it’s not as if it’s being simulcast or anything).


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