Public Service Announcement 30 of 2015: Odyssey (American Odyssey)

These days, BBC2 doesn’t show too many current American dramas, so their acquisition of Odyssey – or American Odyssey as it’s called in the US – is an interesting move. Apparently conceived as a modern version of Homer’s epic, the show follows an American soldier (played by the British Anna Friel) in Africa who stumbles onto an international conspiracy (yes, another one) and has to make her way across the world, presumably with / in search of the truth and, avoiding, I’m guessing, a bunch of people wanting to stop her, at all costs, etc etc, you know the drill.

Maybe the Friel factor prompted BBC2’s interest, or maybe they’re big fans of ancient Greek poetry, who knows? I’m not sure how long-term this foray back into the American drama market will turn out to be, though. The first two episodes of Odyssey will air on BBC2 tomorrow night (Sunday, 9.15pm – double bill, natch), coincidentally the same night the finale will air on NBC, but, given the low ratings and “mixed” critical response in the US, it would take some sort of miracle for a second season to be ordered, so these 13 episodes may well be all we get on either side of the Atlantic.

That may put some people off, but sometimes a single season of something, as long as they finish the story, is enough, I think. Either way, it’s not going to put me off, because the word is that unpopcult favourite Gregory Fitoussi joins the show as a recurring player in episode 3, and the prospect of Pierre Clement / Henri Leclair coming back to our screens is more than enough to get me watching and reviewing for now, anyway. I’ll report back as soon as I can.


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