The Good Wife s6 ep 21

image“That’s good. You’re happier when you’re on a case.”

As is the show. Now Alicia has no firm and no election to fight, she’s lost: bewilderingly long empty days of telemarketing calls, ghostwriter meetings and waiting for wine o’clock are clearly not for her, so a chance reconnection with an old client who needs help is a shot in the arm for both her and the show as we head towards the season finale.

Taking stock and going “Back to basics” is definitely what TGW needs just now; some old-school court scenes are a relief after the pointless maze the political storyline turned into. Not that “Don’t Fail” is perfect, mind you: for a start, there’s an insanely frustrating scene where Alicia explains why it’s ok to proceed with evidence she now knows is false having been admitted into the record, because she didn’t know it was false at the time, and I nearly LOSE MY MIND. Did we not just spend weeks being told unwittingly presenting false evidence is a strict liability offence which Diane might have to go to jail for? Did Kalinda not just sacrifice herself because of this “rule” that the show seems to have made up and now wants to forget about?

Am I going completely mad?

Sigh. Trying to square this circle is obviously going to be a fruitless exercise, so best I stop now since, apart from that particular challenge to my mental health, I really did enjoy this episode. It’s quieter, calmer and more melancholy than we’ve had for a while, and although I’m not keen on flashbacks as a rule, they work well here, adding to the nostalgic feel of the episode and giving the start of Alicia’s future a firm grounding in her past.

Finn, who is adorable throughout, and Cary, whose friendship with Alicia has grown and matured with them both over the years, lift the ep immeasurably too – without them, it might have been a bit plodding, but their scenes with Alicia are genuinely lovely. If, as seems likely, striking out on her own will mean her sharing less time with those two and Diane, it’ll be a real shame. Time enough to worry about that next week though. For now? I liked this a lot.


One thought on “The Good Wife s6 ep 21

  1. Jed Bartlet June 24, 2015 / 11:58 pm

    Thought this was a very good episode. I really enjoyed it: refreshingly old-school in many ways.

    I agree about Alicia’s scenes with Finn and Cary. As far as Finn’s concerned, I’d quite like her to hit that before the end of the season. I think they’re a lovely couple. And Matt Czuchry deserves a lot of credit for the way in which he’s fleshed out Cary over the years, while simultaneously leaving him just a little enigmatic.

    The ethical stuff has just got more and more stupid, though. And why did Judge Dunaway refer to “Matan” throughout? Is there any precedent for a judge addressing one of the parties by his or her first name? And if not (and I can’t recall one) what’s so special about “Matan”, eh?

    Kalinda continues to be problematic.

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