Nashville s3 ep 5

Oh yes indeed. ‘Road Happy’ is the sort of trashy fun we watch Nashville for. Juliette’s fed up with people telling her that she has to let Avery know about the baby, so she texts him. It’s along the lines of “Hey, loser. You knocked me up”. Avery is just about to start his community service for whatever it was he did last week, so spends most of the rest of the episode desperately trying to phone Juliette to confirm that it isn’t just her idea of a joke. Then he turns up on the set of ‘Cline!’, wild-eyed and shouting. It does, though, give Noah, Juliette’s co-star, another chance to prove that on the face of it he’s a decent guy who actually seems to like Juliette. And not just in that way (although undoubtedly in that way as well).

There’s more baby mama drama in the episode, as well, this time for Gunnar. First love Kiley (as in Rilo, I’m guessing?) is about to leave Nashville to move in with her online boyfriend, because she’s hot but a bit of an idiot. She and Gunnar are saying their goodbyes when Kiley’s 9-year-old son comes wandering in. Short of saying “Hello, Daddy” to Gunnar it couldn’t be more obvious that he’s totally Gunnar’s son, and that’s why Kiley left town the first time, etc. etc. To start with she says that Micah isn’t Gunnar’s, but it’s fooling no-one. Poor Gunnar. Real love-of-life Scarlett is locked up in some bizarre songwriting prison (what is that place?), and reasonable runner-up Kiley, the mother of his son, has a virtual man somewhere else. Which leaves Zoey.

As for Scarlett: she’s working on something in songwriting jail, but she can’t just get it right, and there’s a homeless man shouting outside. Because she’s nice – yeah, h8rs, she is – she offers the man some food, and in return he contributes something to her song. The hobo is played by Mykelti Williamson, and you don’t bring him in for a quick cameo, so he’ll be back. Someone else who will be back, one assumes, is the woman who kisses Mayor Teddy when he’s on a double date with The Man. This being Nashville, I suppose it’s just possible that there’s more to her than meets the eye. And Will, on tour, tries to get his “personal trainer” to sign a non-disclosure agreement to cover their “training” activities, and when this gets nowhere he goes out cruising in a local park and gets gay-bashed.

The most irritating storyline this week comes from the extended Jaymes/Wheeler family. Younger Girl has clearly decided that it’s time to prove that she can be as insufferable as her older sister. Rayna rants at Mayor Teddy because Older Girl gets highlights in her hair. And Deacon sulks because Luke is getting to hang out with his daughter. It’s noteworthy that a show which, to start with, was all about Rayna can’t presently give her a good plot. Otherwise, though, this was terrific.


One thought on “Nashville s3 ep 5

  1. CJ Cregg June 19, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    The Juliette/Avery story was obviously the best. Everything about it was both mad and awesome and I LOVED it

    The rest of the ep – not so much. Is *anyone* interested in the Girls’ whining? Or Rayna and Deacon whining about not being near them? I don’t mind Daphne that much, but why slimeball Luke would want to be saddled with the pair of them plus his own charming brood I have no idea – I’m guessing he’s planning on a combo of Teddy and boarding school keeping his teen-wrangling time to a minimum.

    Totally agree with you that the show just cannot seem to give Rayna a good plot these days. It’s stuck on “torn between two men, struggles to balance fame and motherhood” and can’t break out of it.

    Talking of being stuck on storylines, meanwhile, is someone going to find out they have a secret kid *every* season? Perhaps Gunnar can consult Deacon for advice, since Deacon loves to give people advice without taking it himself.

    You know I absolutely hate Scarlett so I’m biased, but I love Mykelti Williamson and he deserves better than this storyline.

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