The Good Wife s6 ep 19

image“Another Florrick Scandal?”

Alicia is downcast as the election results and those emails come under even more scrutiny. Diane finds out What Kalinda Did. And everybody’s right back at the beginning again, only worse; the prospect of defeat/jail being immeasurably worse when you’ve had freedom/success right there in your grasp.

The premise of the charges against Diane still makes absolutely no sense – she DIDN’T KNOW THE EVIDENCE WAS FAKED, YOU GUYS, IT IS NOT STRICT LIABILITY – and Det Prima could do with reminding himself that he may not have deleted the email but he did tamper with the tape and the interview while having an affair with the prosecutor, so he should maybe chill the eff out with the self-righteousness. But, setting all that aside, this was still great.

On the one hand, the twists were a tad depressing, if deftly-plotted, with the pivot back to somebody having to testify against Lemond Bishop (how can Cary or Diane actually do that? That really would be a disbarrable offence, unlike this trumped-up nonsense they have against Diane) and the systematic destruction of Alicia in furtherance of the party political machine, but the whole episode was laced with so much intelligence and humour it more than made up for it. From “Are you planning to build a robot or something, Ken?” to “Angry. Gerald Giraffe feels angry.” to every toe-curling second of “A Romantic Interlude,” this was hilarious stuff with plenty of humanity mixed in amongst the cynicism. I wouldn’t have chosen the direction either main plot went in, but I thought “Winning Ugly” was terrific nonetheless.


One thought on “The Good Wife s6 ep 19

  1. Jed Bartlet June 12, 2015 / 6:32 pm

    This strict liability thing’s starting to irritate me. Admittedly I don’t know much about the rules governing the Illinois bar. But how in the name of arse can you have a court system in which the attorneys are strictly liable for the evidence being given by their witnesses? Surely that would apply in just about every single case we’ve seen over the past six seasons? More specifically, does it not apply to the evidence of Det Prima in this very case, in which case presumably the DA is in a similar fix?

    And it isn’t a small point (in which case I’d just ignore it): it’s essential to the plot, because without it Diane and the firm aren’t in any jeopardy; they can throw Kalinda to the wolves, and carry on. Mutter, mutter.

    Anyway, that aside this was terrific. I just loved the way in which it slowly became apparent that the political machine, even Arvin Sloan off of Alias, was determined to grind Alicia down. And although I haven’t looked for spoilers, I wonder whether Peter’s appearance at the end was intended to suggest that he authorised, or at any rate knew about, what was going on? He did, after all, tell Alicia to continue to fight the accusation, and if he knew what Arvin was going to say…

    Wiley and his kids continue to RULE. Gerald Giraffe FTW.

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