Nashville s3 ep 2

Rayna’s album’s at number 1, of course, because apparently Rayna’s albums always go to number 1, and she’s looking forward to it staying there for a long time. But after one lousy week Will knocks her off the top spot. Her manager – not as long-suffering as Juliette’s, but nonetheless clearly practised in the ways of high-maintenance divas – gently points out that the rules of the game have changed: access, social media, visibility, that’s where it’s at. So while Rayna is refusing to discuss her engagement to Luke – hardly surprising, one might think – Will has actively welcomed the reality TV cameras into his life.

Except, of course, Will’s still closeted, and Layla’s not about to forgive him for what he’s put her through. He makes a half-hearted attempt to get Jeff to cast Layla in ‘Cline!’ or whatever it’s called, but she doesn’t make it. The relationship between Will and Layla is becoming interestingly nasty and twisted. Yum. And Jeff isn’t going to be much help to either of them; he really doesn’t give a flying one about Layla. The Man is under The Pressure, because he’s chased all of his bankable female stars away and has been told that he needs a chick on his label. So he taps up Sadie Stone (Laura Benanti), of whom we will presumably see much more.

Juliette is tetchy – again, hardly surprising, because she thinks she’s carrying Jeff’s spawn – but manages to get cast in ‘Cline!’. And there’s more good news; she goes to a clinic intending to get a termination, but discovers that she’s too far along with her pregnancy for it to be Jeff’s. Does that mean it’s Avery’s? I can’t quite remember who Juliette – hell, who any of them – were sleeping with at any given time in season 2. Anyway, she’s pretty unpleasant to Avery before she finds this out, skilfully blaming him for her Jeff hookup. Avery, in turn, is so furious that he makes out with the new hottie at the Bluebird.

The other storylines kind of annoyed me. Actually, that’s understating the position in re Older Girl, who really needs to shut the eff up. Deacon is getting dragged out on tour with Luke, so that they can snipe at each other for a few episodes. And Scarlett and Gunnar, meantime, are dancing around each other again: a bit of songwriting, then an agreement not to work together; all watched jealously by Zoey, who presumably agrees with me that Scarlett and Gunnar have more natural chemistry that any other couple in the show by a long way. They’re the OTP; they’re MFEO; Gunnlett FTW. Come on, folks. Get on with it.


One thought on “Nashville s3 ep 2

  1. CJ Cregg May 27, 2015 / 11:56 pm

    NUH-UH! Juliette and Avery 4EVA! The baby’s his, I’m sure, but, regardless, their chemistry is great, their relationship was lovely in that brief (so brief!) period before it all went to hell in a hand basket and they seem like flawed, interesting people made of flesh and blood. As opposed to annoying, wet people made largely of carpet-hair and tears (*grimaces at Scarlett*) or made of different things each week depending on the demands of the plot (*waves at Gunnar*).

    I don’t disagree with you about the Deacon storyline or the Older Girl one, though, although I thought Rayna was almost as bad. Talk about family resemblance: she and Older Girl both spent the whole episode essentially stamping their feet and whining “But I WANT IT THAT WAY” when confronted with a reality which, while it didn’t please them, was clearly not going to change just to accommodate their princess complexes either. Bucky (?) and Deacon were far more patient than either of them deserved.

    The way they’ve written Rayna’s behaviour is a clumsy way to make a relevant point about the changes in the music industry, though, so I can forgive it more readily than the Older Girl stuff. I assume Older Girl is charming in real life and that’s why she’s getting a storyline at all, but I can’t fathom why anyone thinks having her character be an unbearable brat on screen is going to entertain viewers.

    Having said all that – maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I’m still looking forward to the next ep. Just no more Older Girl, please.

    PS – “Cline!” – HEE.

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