Hawaii Five-0 s5 ep 22

Three middle-aged accountants (Kevin Farley, Pauly Shore, and Nolan Fremont) wake up in a trashed hotel room, with no memory of what they did the night before, or of how the dead woman in their bathtub got there. Yes, it’s Hangover Five-0.

What they should do, of course, is phone the po-po; what they unaccountably (hee) try to do instead is bury the poor girl in the middle of nowhere, and because they’re accountants rather than criminals they get caught. As it happens they’d told their wives they were on Oahu to hunt wild boar – another Lost shoutout? – but were actually there in order to try and pick up college girls on spring break. Which makes them assholes – and unsuccessful assholes at that, as flashbacks make clear – but perhaps not killers. And as details of their evening start to come back to the accountants, the Five-0 has to work out who the dead girl was, and why she was killed. All of this allows the director to give free reign to his evident desire to show lots of young women in bikinis.

While that’s going on, Jerry is doing delivery for Kamekona’s increasingly improbable fried shrimp business, but aborts mission when he sees a woman being dragged into a car by a man. When he catches up with them, though, the man’s been killed and the woman is nowhere to be seen. This takes Kono and Chin into the murky – but exciting! – world of sex trafficking and slave labour, and takes Jerry all the way to an awards ceremony presided over by the real life Honolulu Chief of Police, at which he gets a medal for something or other, and uses the opportunity to shill for Kame.

The dead girl in bathtub case will be solved, although the perp might as well be singing Adamski’s ‘Killer’ when we first see him/her, so obvious is s/he. Still, although this episode didn’t hit the heights, it was more than action-packed enough to keep me watching.


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