The Mentalist s7 ep 11

With Jane away at the Grand Canyon thinking about things and Vega… well, you know what happened to Vega…. the rest of the team are both short-staffed and kinda bummed. When a college student couple are murdered at a local make-out spot, however, and a young local man comes forward claiming to be a psychic with information that can help, everyone has to table their trauma and get back on the horse in the SUV. Which means Cho and Wylie trying to work out their grief in the field, and Lisbon bringing Jane back to town via the police equivalent of pulling him there by the ear. Heh.

Of course, Lisbon lets Jane off way too easily when she does get a hold of him, but it’s Jane so I’d probably have done the same. As far the main story’s concerned, though, if there’s one thing this show has experience with it’s folk pretending they have psychic powers and “Byzantium” handles this one very well – the hook, of course, being that Jane “might just be looking at (his) reflection in the mirror.” Although, for the record, this guy may have Jane’s preternatural observational skills but he has absolutely none of Jane’s charm.

Their scenes together sizing each other up are excellent – all controlled and menacing and great. Even if, like Lisbon, the long-time Mentalist viewer has “years of experience” looking past the “psychic” front too, so we can all spot most of the usual cold reading tricks now too. This guy’s very clever and very observant, but he’s not actually psychic, is he? Which suggests that, since this ep ends on a cliffhanger and the last two episodes are being shown as a double bill next week, the show might well be about to end with a story very similar to the way Patrick Jane’s story really began all those years ago: a very smart man pretending to be a psychic getting on the wrong side of a serial killer, with all sorts of terrible consequences. Fancy one last hurrah for old times’ sake, then? Check back here next week for the post-finale debrief.


One thought on “The Mentalist s7 ep 11

  1. Jed Bartlet April 24, 2015 / 10:57 pm

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this. Jane’s behaviour towards Lisbon was mystifying and discourteous at best, borderline nasty at worst. Needs to work things out? Boo fricking hoo. Lisbon deserves better (i.e. me). As for the plot: it picked up towards the end when the unpleasant “psychic” got what was coming to him. Tiger tiger.

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