Elementary s3 ep 17

A young woman crashes her car into a van, then is killed by someone from the van. It looks a bit road-ragey, but Sherlock is brought into the investigation because the victim was also frozen on the spot after death by a refrigerant. This leads to CryoNYC, a cryogenics company which has a facility – and, as it turns out, a meat storage locker – full of frozen corpses (and owned by an underused Mark Margolis). And one of CryoNYC’s bodies – that of an unsolved murder victim – has been stolen.

As Elementary has already had quite a lot of fun pursuing pseudo-science to its conclusion this season, I wondered if it might try actually thawing someone out. It doesn’t; and I kind of wish it had, because the second half of ’T-Bone And The Iceman’ falls into the Elementary trap of just trying too damn hard, with a B-plot – Joan’s mother might be suffering from memory loss and confusion – which really seems to be there to give Joan a bit more hinterland. You know you’re watching a subpar episode when the most striking thing about it is Joan’s blouse, an admittedly fabulous Victoria Beckham number.


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