The Good Wife s6 ep 11

image“Alicia can make a difference for Cary and any other Cary who comes along but only if she wins!”

Heh. As an exasperated Eli and the campaign team try to get Alicia to focus on debate prep, Cary meets with a prison consultant, and Kalinda, Diane and all the Florrick Agos staff who aren’t called Florrick or Agos try for one last “Hail Mary” pass to keep Cary from needing any actual prison consultation.

With everyone battling the clock and long-time nemesis and Florrick-hater Judge Cuesta (the marvellous David Paymer) getting angrier, scarier (even Diane’s voice shakes when standing up to him) and funnier as the time runs out, the deck seems stacked against Cary, much as it has done all season. So much so that I was torn throughout between what I wanted to happen (Cary getting off) and what I thought might be a cop-out for the show (Cary getting off too easily). Because TGW is terrific, though, we got the best – or worst, if you’re Kalinda – of all worlds, in an episode that kept me both highly amused and desperately worried throughout. No uncomplicated happy ending this, more a temporarily happy pit-stop on the way to a whole new set of problems. Especially if you’re Kalinda.

Everything worked beautifully, of course: Alicia’s debate prep scenes got more awesome with each successive partner, Domenick Lombardozzi as the prison consultant was inspired (“Less talking, more sex!”) and Mike Colter’s Lemond Bishop continued to be the best villain on tv. And the main cast, as usual, rocked it. “Hail Mary” did leave me wondering about one highly important issue, though: was Johnny just a convenient pair of lips that happened to be there? Or are we looking at another possible pairing in our Ship of the Year poll? I guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks…


One thought on “The Good Wife s6 ep 11

  1. Jed Bartlet April 15, 2015 / 11:22 pm

    Oh wow, that couldn’t have ended worse for Kalinda, could it? So not only has she broken the law, and in a way which will almost inevitably result in her dismissal anyway, but she owes Lemond Bishop a favour? Of all the scary things Bishop has done, that manoeuvre in his house when he went out of one door and came up behind Kalinda having come back through a different door was the most chilling.

    I did wonder about Johnny when he got really close to Alicia to tell her that she’d graduated, but then dismissed the thought. Until the end. Actually, though, I think he was just the closest pair of lips; that scene when Finn was doing debate prep with Alicia was pure foreplay. It would have been too early a few months ago, and I’m glad they waited, but I am now TOTALLY shipping Falicia.

    And, of course, “I’m her body woman, not her fluffer”. Hee.

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