The Mentalist s7 ep 8

“I don’t want your word, I want her safe.”

When an assassin kills a key witness and three other folk in the process, Abbott and co are called in, partly to help protect the remaining witness and partly so Jane can persuade her and her husband she won’t go the same way as witness number one did.

Of course, Jane manages the persuading part with aplomb but, unusually, he also swings into uber-protective mode himself and it’s a very good look on him till he takes that concern a little too far and seriously annoys Lisbon in the process.

All of which makes for an unexpectedly tense episode. While I’m pretty confident the show isn’t about to kill Jane or Lisbon, I don’t think anyone else is necessarily safe now, and yes, our hero’s unease may well be borne out of his recent change in relationship status (bless), but it’s still infectious. Well, it made me nervy, anyway. In a good way, that is; fond as I am of the show and its leading man, a Mentalist ep like this one with real stakes and genuine suspense is always better than one where Jane just coasts his way to the big reveal without breaking a sweat. And a sprinkling of Abbott and Cho being awesome together does no harm either. I liked “The Whites of His Eyes” a lot.


One thought on “The Mentalist s7 ep 8

  1. Jed Bartlet April 4, 2015 / 11:43 pm

    I’ve been enjoying the light, fluffy Mentalists, but this was excellent. Best of the season, I thought.

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