Scandal s4 ep 12

The auction for Olivia, co-sponsored by her and Ian, is about to begin, as the two of them sip champagne. “She’s the hostage”, snarks Gus, one of Ian’s henchmen. “You don’t work with the hostage”. Indeed you don’t, Gus, and one can hardly object when he shoots Ian and starts running things himself. Whereupon the auction gets under way, with evildoers across the world bidding, including the American government. (Bit of politics there.)

But here’s what gets me about this arc. Actually, there are a few things that get me. What really gets me, though, is this: I thought that Fitz and Olivia’s relationship was a huge secret. OK, a few White House insiders know. But presumably foreign governments and terrorists would need to be made aware of it, in order to tempt potential purchasers into bidding? And in that case, how in the name of arse is it going to be kept on the down-low after the auction? Maybe it won’t be. Anyway, Huck turns out to be a double-billionaire and decides to bid in the auction himself, but in order to get an invitation to participate he needs to pretend to be an international All Star terrorist. Do they know one? Fortunately Ma Pope is still in the jail, and can be bartered with. Ultimately, though, Olivia is sold to Iran, although I’d be surprised if it’s Iran Iran. It’ll be someone, or somewhere, else.

While that’s going on Fitz is trying to get Andrew to resign as VPOTUS, although the leverage Andrew has on – hell, just about everyone in the White House proves critical, in particular when he threatens to disclose details of his relationship with Mellie. Because she wants to be President, and she (rightly, I think) assesses that even one occasion of extra-marital fooling around would be fatal for a woman. Fitz acquiesces, as they snuggle. I know that they’ve arrived at an understanding, but given how poisonous their relationship was a few weeks ago I’m not really on board with them doing each others’ hair just yet. Entertaining as ever, but nothing special by Scandal standards.


5 thoughts on “Scandal s4 ep 12

  1. Snoskred April 1, 2015 / 8:20 am

    Will you believe what I am about to type? Possibly not.. but, this is true.

    I have stopped watching Scandal. This particular episode was one of the last ones I watched.

    Season 4 has been that bad, for me. 😦

    • CPS April 2, 2015 / 2:25 pm

      The B613 nonsense and the kidnapping story have hurt the show in season 4.

      But Scandal started to get back on track…

      • Jed Bartlet April 2, 2015 / 2:57 pm

        Sorry, CPS, but I’ve edited your comment a bit – we’re running on the basis of UK transmission dates, and part of your comment is a spoiler for those of us who haven’t seen past episode 12. Hope you understand!

      • Snoskred April 3, 2015 / 4:22 am

        I was a huge fan of Scandal, you can go back and read my comments on seasons past and you’ll see that.

        Even when I am a fan of a show, I am able to look at it objectively. Seasons one, two and three were all amazing. Season 4 has not been so amazing, and if I – who was once a huge fan and who stuck in there through several bad episodes – have switched off, then I’m not likely to be the only one who has done that.

        Once I have switched off, it really does not matter what the show does – they’ve lost me as a viewer and it is unlikely I will return.

        It really is a pity because this was a fantastic show, but like so many great shows, sometimes the people in charge get lost in their own amazingness.. we’ve seen this happen so many times.

        I’m glad for you CPS that you still love the show and you’ll stick with it and even defend it – but the very fact that you need to defend it shows there is a problem with it. 🙂

  2. Jed Bartlet April 1, 2015 / 8:29 am


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