The Good Wife s6 ep 8

imageIt’s all about the optics on The Good Wife this week.

“One woman on a focus group” has Alicia obsessing about whether she comes across as “entitled” and inadvertently turning herself into Marie Antoinette in the process. Pre-trial prep has Diane enlisting the help of Viola Walsh to see how Cary will come across on the stand (badly, you guys. Cary will come across BADLY). And annoying Kalinda’s annoying relationship with the annoying FBI woman has Lemond Bishop questioning her loyalties, Cary questioning their connection and me questioning if the Kalinda-as-magic-sexpot storylines will ever END.

The focus group stuff is superb – especially when it intersects with the case of the week and the previously suspicious woman starts arguing with a suddenly wary man about whether taking on a campus rape lawsuit makes Alicia a “feminist activist.” First of all, dude, no it doesn’t, and second of all, so what if it did? I don’t understand why, in the twenty-first century, “feminist” is still used as such a bizarrely pejorative term, even if I’d hazard a guess that the deeply worrying climate of misogyny online and in the media might have something to do with it, but it’s a question that needs to be asked and a point (as I’ve said before) that this show is never scared of making, so, once again, kudos.

As far as the lawsuit itself is concerned, however, the university panel scenes are another excellent example of TGW’s fascination with and peerless skill at portraying extra-judicial proceedings, but the subsequent court scenes, fantastically-played though they are, did disappoint me a little. Campus sexual assault is such an important, relevant subject, particularly just now, and turning the storyline into one more opportunity for Canning shenanigans just cheapened the whole thing, I thought.

But I’m nit-picking, I guess. By TGW standards, “Red Zone” was a mid-table rather than top-tier episode, but by any other show’s? It was pretty damn good.


3 thoughts on “The Good Wife s6 ep 8

  1. Jed Bartlet March 24, 2015 / 11:33 pm

    I thought this was pretty near the top tier myself. Loved everything about it. I was fine with Canning in the campus rape case; we’ve seen him involved in some pretty unpleasant cases in the past, and I liked the wheelchair and the usual eye-rolling from everyone else, possibly being tempered by the news about his transplant. Or not; you could see Alicia wondering whether to believe him, and also wondering if she really cared.

    In fact, a great week for Juli all round: she was terrific in the focus group stuff as well, perpetually questioning how what she was doing would play to the one person who didn’t like her. Although as it happens I’m not clear why she’s standing for election either. I suspect we’re not meant to be. And when are she and Finn going to kiss? Yes-I-know-she’s-not-ready. But, y’know, they clearly like each other. And like each other.

    I was even OK with the Kalinda plot. Yes, I’m fed up with the Magic Sexpot storylines, but this wasn’t one; it’s Dana, who has been in and out of her bed for years, rather than just some random who finds her irresistible on the first meeting and compromises his or her whole job just to get laid. And Dana wasn’t giving up any secrets; in fact, she tried to make sure that Kalinda wouldn’t hear what she was working on.

    Viola in the mock trial was awesome as well.

    • CJ Cregg March 26, 2015 / 10:24 pm

      Juli was fantastic, agreed, and everyone in fairness was great on the acting front, but I’m fed up with Canning’s schtick – we’ve seen it so many times before, I just find it annoying now and this week it got in the way of a story I was more interested in than I was in Canning if you know what I mean. Never mind Alicia not caring if he was telling the truth, I didn’t care at all.

      I know they really like each other and Finn is lovely, but it’s too soon for Filicia – neither Alicia nor I are ready yet. *wipes away tear*

      I’m not sure I agree that Dana’s different. As far as I remember – I could quite easily be wrong, mind you – we first met her when Kalinda used her to get info on a case, the same way Kalinda uses everybody, and they recently got together again after Kalinda used her to get info on a case, the same way Kalinda uses everybody. Yes, Dana told her to stop using her (after she’d done what Kalinda wanted) and ask her out again instead because Dana really likes/fancies her, but that’s my point – *everybody* she’s ever used really likes/fancies Kalinda. So to me this storyline feels like more grist to the “Kalinda is irresistible to every man, woman and probably alien out there, and no matter what she does/how she uses them, they all continue to want to sleep with her” mill which is the one defining characteristic of Kalinda’s character now. I’m not really sure how strongly Kalinda feels about her but I’m not convinced Dana isn’t compromising her job either – of all people, sleeping with the PI who worked for the uber-druglord she’s investigating seems like it might set off some alarm bells at FBI HQ.

      PS – Viola was indeed fantastic. I loved the professional courtesy and respect in her wee moment with Diane when she told her how she thought Cary would come across at trial.

  2. Jed Bartlet March 26, 2015 / 10:32 pm

    I think we’re meant to be fed up with Canning’s schtick, as is everyone in the show. Which, once again, is an example of how TGW is operating on another level from other shows; he’s not supposed to be sympathetic despite his condition. And MJF rules.

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