Elementary s3 ep 13

Sherlock is missing Kitty – not as much as I am, dude, not as much as I am – and needs a distraction. So when a woman (Amy Hargreaves, the other Homeland alum in this week’s episode – she plays Carrie’s sister) turns up at the brownstone asking him to confirm her fears that her missing lawyer husband, Steven, is having an affair, he accepts a gig which he would normally disdainfully decline. Sherlock and Watson quickly turn up evidence that missing lawyer husband Steven is very probably dead, and that he hasn’t actually been a lawyer for months, but didn’t tell his wife. As this is a plot device used pretty frequently in procedurals, I groaned inwardly.

It got more interesting, though. Steven had gone into business as a debt collector, buying up debt from creditors for cents on the dollar and then going after it himself. This means that the list of people with motive to want Steven out of the way – and thus of potential suspects – runs into the thousands. Except it then turns out that Steven had decided that he couldn’t live with himself as a debt collector, and had started forgiving the debts. So who would want to kill a repentant debt collector? The answer to that will be found in another well-worked Elementary plot, which – not for the first time – felt as if the show were trying just a little too hard to keep me entertained.

The episode’s major development comes in the B-plot, though,when someone tries to poison Watson but ends up poisoning, and apparently killing, REDACTED. Not a character I’ll be sorry to see go, but I’d guess that his death won’t be in vain, as presumably trying to work out who wants to kill Watson, and why, will keep us going for a few weeks.


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