Scandal s4 ep 10

This episode was the first to be shown in America after the mid-season hiatus, and it was undoubtedly a brave choice: ‘Run’ was unlike anything else Scandal has ever done. By the standards of a show which generally tries to cram as much action as it can into an episode, it was more or less plot-free. And while it was always watchable and occasionally thrilling, it wasn’t wholly successful. We start by revisiting the end of last week’s episode: Jake away to get props to make the forthcoming piano-sex a little more comfortable; Olivia meantime vanishing from her apartment. It’s then rerun showing how Olivia was abducted, and it’s a detailed and intricate plan which the writers are clearly pleased with, because it takes several minutes of screen-time.

Olivia is sedated, and wakes up incarcerated in a grimy prison in an unspecified Middle Eastern country, sharing a cell with a journalist named Ian McLeod. Which is where we’ll stay for just about all of the rest of the episode. There’s a dream sequence which started off irritating – as, to me, just about all dream sequences are – but then became funny (the jam!), touching, and sinister; she tries to escape but is caught, and Ian is shot as a punishment. The whole thing leads to a shocking end, which I freely concede I didn’t see coming at all.

The problem, though, is that – admittedly on the basis of the facts as they presently appear – the episode made no sense. If Olivia has been kidnapped on the say-so of VPOTUS and his team, in order to be used as leverage with Fitz, they already know that she’s incredibly important to him. So why spend time and money – and possibly human lives, although I wouldn’t discount another fakeout – in order to find that out? (And why did Olivia put the gun down?) I know – and expect – that this show won’t be in any way realistic, but I would quite like it to adhere to its own internal logic. Perhaps, this being Scandal, there are more reveals to come.


2 thoughts on “Scandal s4 ep 10

  1. CPS March 17, 2015 / 10:51 pm

    I liked this bizarre episode. It was like The Truman Show.

    Ian did not really know how valuable an asset he had in Olivia. He needed validation of her worth to confirm whatever he was told by VP Andrew.

    Plus the dream showed the two people Olivia loves most, Fitz and BFF Abby who I have grown to like this season.

  2. Jed Bartlet March 17, 2015 / 11:18 pm

    I suppose the dream also had Jake, someone else she loves.

    Take your point about Ian wanting to confirm how valuable Olivia was, but if he was in any doubt about that it’s a LOT of trouble to go to. And once he had confirmation – presumably after their conversation – why spin things out? She was there for quite a while thereafter.

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