Scandal s4 ep 8

We start ‘The Last Supper’ with a pissing contest between Fitz and Jake in front of Olivia; not the first one, and by no means the last. Fitz now accepts that Rowan was responsible for the murder of Jerry, but opinion is divided on what to do about it. And, more importantly, on what Fitz and Jake should call each other. Jake rather snippily insists on being called by his full name and title, because “Jake” is for his friends, and POTUS isn’t his friend any more. It’s like being in nursery. Eventually Fitz – who, after all, remains the President – tires of this: “I will call you whatever I wanna call you!” he snaps.

The odd thing is that all three of them eventually agree that, in respect of dealing with Rowan, they “need to do this right”. Why, exactly? And since when have any of them been fans of doing things right? Anyway, the upshot is that poor old Jake has to remain in custody, for fear of alerting Rowan that they’re on to him. And meantime they plan to put Rowan on trial in secret using Olivia as bait; prosecuted by David Rosen, the man who blackmailed his way into his job; and with information from the B-613 files hidden in a lockup. (This is “standing in the sun”, apparently.) It all goes thrillingly and spectacularly wrong, because you don’t get to be Command for years without knowing how to watch your six.

There’s a sort-of Case of the Week as well, with Elizabeth North hiring OPA to find out who’s bugging her phone. The answer isn’t much of a surprise in itself, but it’s a part of another classic Scandal example of bringing disparate plot threads into a Big Conspiracy: Cyrus finds out that there’s even more to the Michael business than he thought; VPOTUS is targeted by a car bomb, after which Mellie jumps him; Quinn’s on Kobiak stakeout duties. It all comes together, even if Huck’s colossal mistake of bringing Javi on the Kobiak stakeout seems oddly and unforgivably stupid. A very good episode, although compared to last week’s fleet-footed effort it somehow felt a little more ponderous. And Abby wasn’t in it.


3 thoughts on “Scandal s4 ep 8

  1. CPS March 4, 2015 / 2:10 am

    The Jake character is irrelevant and is dragging down the show. He gets too much air time that could be better spent on Olivia and the other main characters – Abby, Quinn, Huck, Cyrus, Fitz, Mellie, David and the guest actors.

    IMO, Jake really adds nothing to the storylines. The previous episode (#7) with no Jake was great (was he missed?) because the other characters got more time to shine plus they are all better actors. I don’t buy that Olivia would really be invested in Jake except to save him from her father.

    In contrast, Senator Davis when he was Olivia’s boyfriend made sense and his presence fit into the storyline. They need to bring him back as a political adversary to Fitz. Norm Lewis, the Broadway actor, had gravitas which Jake lacks with his immature character portrayal.

    • CPS March 4, 2015 / 2:11 am

      Oops, I meant to say Scott Foley not Jake in that last sentence.

  2. Jed Bartlet March 4, 2015 / 10:54 pm

    I don’t mind Jake, but I don’t think he quite manages to perform the task he’s there for. I always assumed he was meant to be the non-toxic romantic interest for Olivia, to be compared to the guy who’s bad for her but she just can’t resist. The problem is that, as you say, it’s difficult to see why she’s actually interested in him at all.

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