Mr Selfridge s3 ep 4


imageWell, at least he didn’t die this time.

It seems, however, that Gregory Fitoussi has left us once again. Those of us trembling at the prospect of another violent tv demise for the handsome one were at least spared that pain, as Monsieur Leclair didn’t throw himself off the bridge we saw in last week’s trailer (Mon Dieu!) and instead sought out Mr S for a pep talk and some couples counselling. I might have wondered at the irony of Mr S, of all people, offering marital guidance to Madame Leclair, had I not been shouting similar advice at the tv, myself: talk to him, Agnes! Make him talk to you!

And so Agnes did, in a sweet, sad scene in the park where Henri finally, and literally, allowed himself to lean on his wife and share his burdens. After an equally sweet, sad scene in their bedroom, they decided to seek solace together in the clear skies and endless beaches of his childhood because “I want to make you better” and “I’d love to go home and show it all to you.”


A poignant goodbye and an audible sigh (from me) later, and Henri and Agnes board the Midday Train to Grenoble (sorry), leaving Miss Mardle to investigate the mystery of Mrs Grove, George to dress like an extra from Bugsy Malone and Mr S to wonder “Who will design the window displays now?”

Are the Leclairs coming back? The press around their departure suggests not, but I don’t want to give up hope yet. What about a brief visit in the season finale, perhaps, to ask Mr S to be a godparent to l’enfant Leclair? Or a little vignette from one of those gorgeous beaches – Monsieur et Madame lying back quietly, contentedly in each other’s arms as the gulls fly overhead and the waves wash against the shore…..Please? So we know they’re happy and we needn’t worry for pauvre Henri any more?

Too much to ask? Peut-être. But Gregory Fitoussi and Aisling Loftus are fantastic, and the prospect of continuing to watch this show without them in it isn’t a jolie one. Especially when Frank and Kitty are on the rocks after his craven behaviour this week and our alternative shipping choices seem to be Mr S and Miss Webb, S (Club) Junior and Miss Calthorpe or – gulp – Victor and Violette.

Mr S’s tendre for Miss Webb is as predictable as it is dull. S (Club) Junior still has his kiss-repellent excuse for a moustache protecting his virtue. Which leaves us with the unpleasant Victor, a man whom I feel sure has “treat’em mean, keep’em keen” emblazoned across his lucky underpants. His “charms” exercise a powerful effect on both Violette – disappointingly, since she was supposed to be the Selfridge with sense – and my stomach (EWWWWW), but it seems we’re doomed to see considerably more of this couple and their, er, coupling. Brace yourselves.

Still, I suppose at least the younger Miss Selfridge is enjoying herself. Her sister, meanwhile, is saddled with Sergei, who instead of getting a job – Selfridge Stealth Security is hiring, after all – has taken to throwing spoiled debutante-style tantrums at his wife, his mother and the suddenly wryly amusing (but still EVIL) Lord Loxley. “Wah, wah, WAH, I want my plane!” Quite, Sergei. And I want Henri to come back. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Mr Selfridge s3 ep 4

  1. smkelly8 April 29, 2015 / 2:49 pm

    I’d love a spin off M. & Madam LeClair. I’m quite far behind and haven’t seen episode 5 yet. I have a sense of foreboding that this season needed Henri and Agnes so we could see these likable characters battling demons and working on their marriage amidst the less palatable characters doing whatever.

    • CJ Cregg April 29, 2015 / 7:03 pm

      Hi SMKelly, welcome to unpopcult 🙂 I know what you mean about the Leclairs. I won’t spoil things for you by telling you whether you’re right but I reviewed every ep so do pop back and let me know what you think as the season goes on. I’d be interested to hear if your reaction as the season went on was the same as mine…

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