Public Service Announcement 12 of 2015: The Casual Vacancy, Indian Summers

There’s a good old-fashioned TV smackdown tonight, with two new hour-long network dramas starting at 9pm, the same time as an already established third (Mr Selfridge), and at least one other on cable (Hawaii Five-0).

In the BBC1 corner, it has the first of three-parter The Casual Vacancy, an adaptation of JK Rowling’s novel. And Channel Four fights back with the start of 1932-set ten-parter Indian Summers, the most expensive drama in the channel’s history. Both look custom-built to appeal to the British viewer (and the increasingly important international market): Cotswolds vs India; Rowling’s take on small town English politics vs the declining British Raj; Michael Gambon, Rory Kinnear, and Keeley Hawes vs Julie Walters and Henry Lloyd-Hughes off of The Inbetweeners. Me, I’m watching neither.

In other news, the latest Scandi-import is international Emmy-nominated 30 Degrees In February (“30 grader i februari”), about Swedish expats in Thailand. It started a couple of days ago, but I’m sure there are catch-up opportunities all over the place (Fridays, Sky Arts 1). And a reminder that Elementary, presently in fine form, is back this week for the second half of its third season (Tuesday 17 February, 9pm, Sky Living).


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 12 of 2015: The Casual Vacancy, Indian Summers

  1. Snoskred May 15, 2015 / 12:43 pm

    I just watched The Casual Vacancy and I thought it was brilliant. Beautifully done. Julia Mackenzie was amazing as she always is.. and rarely seems to get enough credit for. 🙂

    It is indeed an amazing time for British Teevee. 🙂

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