Public Service Announcement 12 of 2015: The Mentalist

The Mentalist, having looked increasingly tired over the past couple of years, probably should have ended with the death of Red John, and it definitely should have ended when Jane and Lisbon got together. I say that as both a loyal fan and an ardent shipper – the story’s over, it doesn’t need an epilogue.

However, for reasons best known to themselves – although presumably money is at least one of them – CBS, Warner Bros. Television and showrunner Bruno Heller are giving us one last tango with Patrick Jane: the seventh and final season began in the US in November and hits UK screens tonight (Thursday) at 10pm on Five.

I’m somewhat ambivalent about it, to be honest. Fond as I am of the characters, I’m not convinced this long goodbye’s going to do anyone any favours. What stories can the show possibly have left to tell? But since the farewell lap’s only 13 episodes long, and we’ve watched and reviewed every episode since the show started, we’re hardly going to give up now. Unpopcult is in it till the bitter end, so check back here for the usual weekly reviews as soon as I can write’em.


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