Murder in the First s1 ep 4

(Mild spoilers, if anyone’s that bothered about Murder in the First.)

To start with, the business with Hildy shooting the domestic abuser looks as if it’s going to be a major, multi-episode thing. D-Hop and his mother turn up, with a dodgy lawyer, for an investigative interview, claiming that Hildy just gunned their loving father, partner, and provider down for no reason; no knife, no threats. They want some money. Meantime Hildy is being grilled about how much she’d had to drink, and finds the time for a brief and snarky inter-partner conversation with Terry about how he’s supposed to have her back; as I’ve observed before, American cop partners are now obliged to be in possession of each others’ backs at all times. But after Terry and Hildy put the squeeze on D-Hop and Mom-Hop they recant, exonerate Hildy, and for that matter burnish her image to something just short of sainthood. It’s a bit of a tame resolution, with the only crunchiness being provided by Mom’s grim conclusion that without the scumbag in her life she’s going to have to work three or four jobs to make ends meet. It’s too wide an issue for Murder in the First to solve, of course, and (unless this arc is revived in future episodes) it isn’t allowed to linger for long.

In the case of the People vs Erich Blunt, we now have proof beyond reasonable doubt that Erich might be a tech wizard, but he’s otherwise a complete dumbass. He omits to mention the oral pleasuring he received from Cindy to his hired gun defence attorney Daniels, who finds out about it anyway; then, with Daniels already in a state of fury, he inexplicably pisses off to the Burning Man festival in order to paint his face and hang out with Ivana, thus breaching his bail. Derp. Erich ends up back in jail; Daniels walks.

And a major development in The Shipping News. After a spot of food at Hildy’s place, she and Terry totally kiss. Now, I’m in two minds about this development. Part of me is all: where did that come from, they haven’t shown any interest in each other until now; part of me is all: suppressed feelings in the workplace, just come through a relationship-threatening trauma, told you, and squee. I suppose it depends whether they can stick the landing. Once again I was entertained by Murder in the First, although on this occasion perhaps not quite as much as I’d like to be.


2 thoughts on “Murder in the First s1 ep 4

  1. CJ Cregg February 11, 2015 / 11:44 pm

    This was ok. Or better than last week’s at least. But the D-Hop/Mom-Hop lying for the lawsuit story was handled really, really poorly – it was like the writers started it off, realised how stupendously annoying it was and then decided to scrap it pronto, falling over themselves to undo it with all that “Mom-Hop insisted on giving a video statement nominating you for the Nobel prize” business at the end.

    As for the Hildy/Terry business – you know I don’t usually need much of a nudge to start shipping folk, but I’m just not seeing any chemistry at all between this pair. The kiss could not have been less convincing if we’d actually heard the director saying “Taye, Kathleen – it’s ep 4, time to kiss!”

    I still think Hildy has more chemistry with Nosh – that moment when he re-instated her looked full of feeling for both of them. Maybe they’re going to start some sort of love quadrangle with the DA…

    I thought Erich went to Burning Man because Salter told him if he couldn’t stay out of trouble (ie not buy drugs and get arrested and whatnot) in SF, he should get out of Dodge? I mean, it was still a spectacularly stupid thing to do, but Salter was a plonker to suggest it to him as well.

    Warren Daniels was good, I liked him. Stupid Erich driving him away.

  2. Jed Bartlet February 12, 2015 / 9:26 am

    “I still think Hildy has more chemistry with Nosh…”


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