The Good Wife s6 ep 2

imageAnother week, another jam-packed, joyous episode.

Alicia is forced to testify at the source of funds hearing, causing me to flash back sadly to the last time someone made Alicia testify about something super-awkward. (*wipes away tear*) Lemond Bishop drags everyone deeper into the mire, scaring them (and me) even more senseless in the process. And Diane talks Taye Diggs into leaving Lockhart Gardner with her, which is nice and all, but would mean a lot more if we’d ever actually seen Taye Diggs at Lockhart Gardner before. (David Lee works great as a villain, fine, he stays where he is, but why couldn’t it have been Julius who left with her?)

That takes care of the serious business. Meantime, on the lighter side of things, Alicia and Carey Zepps do battle for Chumhum against an old frenemy; Eli steps up his majestic (and hilarious) campaign to get Alicia to run; and a conspiracy theorist called Gunter keeps taking his clothes off in the lift. HEE.

I’ve said it before, but I don’t know of any other shows that can slide as quickly and as seamlessly between the serious, the sad and the wildly funny, and make it work like this one. I laughed out loud a lot during “Trust Issues”, but I also worried about Cary, tutted loudly at Finn (Dude, you and I are in danger of falling out), and shivered every time Bishop turned up. My favourite moments, though, I think had to be, on the one hand, Diane – magnificent, brilliant Diane in her leopard-print coat with her picture frame under her arm and her six Department Heads at her back – whispering “Goodbye” to Lockhart Gardner and, on the other, Alicia and Cary hugging out their “Hello.” Awww. A couple of quibbles aside (come on, Alicia, I know it was born out of desperation, but how could you possibly think the Governor of Illinois could sign those papers?), this was wonderful stuff, once again.


3 thoughts on “The Good Wife s6 ep 2

  1. Snoskred February 6, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    Yep, that was the coat I spoke of. 🙂 Gorgeous! 😉

    • CJ Cregg February 6, 2015 / 11:02 pm

      Heh, yes, as soon as I saw it, I thought “ah, *that’s* the leopard-print coat.” The wardrobe on TGW is fantastic generally, I wonder if the actors get to keep any of it. If so, Christine Baranski and Julianna Margulies in particular must have clothes collections to *die* for. And the guys will have all those super-sleek suits. Wow.

  2. Jed Bartlet February 7, 2015 / 11:46 pm

    The leopard-print coat was amazing.

    Another great episode. One of the things I bang on about in reference to lesser shows is characters changing personality from week to week to suit whatever the plot happens to be. The Good Wife, on the other hand, keeps its characters consistent, which means that every week there’s a sense that long-term planning has gone into the show. For example: Lemond Bishop has only really hovered around the edges before now, but we know him to be utterly ruthless and scary as hell, which means that there’s no set-up work required when he moves centre stage.

    I was actually thinking the same as Alicia (or was it Cary – can’t remember) when they were about to hug: have they done this before? Don’t think so. Which made it a much bigger moment than it would have been otherwise; once again, the writers and actors have earned this.

    They’re hardly a plucky little startup any more, though, are they?

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