Murder in the First s1 ep 3

Erich instructs killer attorney Warren Daniels (James Cromwell), claiming that he “needs a Doberman”. This is more true than he realises, because the case against him is mounting up: as well as DNA evidence, a soccer mom friend of Molk’s turns up at the station to allege that Blunt drugged and raped her a few years earlier. Molk hesitantly hits on her; she hesitantly reciprocates.

Lieutenant Koto, meantime, has decided it’s time to get all hardass with his troops and their investigation of the case against Erich. “Three words I don’t wanna hear: ‘O.J. Simpson’.” One word and two letters, surely? But the case assembled by the cops is enough for DA Perez, who orders Erich’s arrest, then smooches Koto! Ooh! I did not see that coming.

And in non-smooching-couple news, it looks as if my dreams of Tildy might need to wait for a couple of weeks yet. Terry’s been house-hunting, although as soon as he walks onto a houseboat we know instantly that’s what he’s going to go for, because this is a TV show and he can now be That Guy, the cop who lives on a houseboat. Terry’s realtor, a hottie in 6-inch heels, spends the episode looking at him like a dog sizing up a particularly juicy bone, but he’s totally not ready for anything. And Hildy – after a little flirtation with a female colleague – is on what looks like being a successful date when she’s interrupted by a phone call.

It’s tied to the episode’s other major arc: Hildy has become aware that the mother of a boy at her daughter’s school is the victim of domestic abuse, and the call is from the boy to tell her that his mother is being assaulted there and then. So Hildy heads straight round and ends up shooting the abusive partner, which might not be too much of a loss to the world but gets her put on administrative leave until it all gets sorted out. We end with the arrest of Erich, although seconds before that Terry has to cut short a phone call from Hildy. I’d like to think it was a booty call, although in all honesty I’m not even convincing myself.

I’d take some persuading that this is a great show. But I think it’s a very good one, and I’m enjoying it. One thing’s bothering me, though. The supervising detective’s having a relationship with the DA. Hildy went on a date with the lead suspect and shoved her tongue down his throat to obtain his DNA. Molk’s a friend of a potential witness but took her statement anyway. And, of course, Hildy went straight from a social occasion – state of sobriety as yet unascertained – and gunned down a perp armed with no more than a knife. Let’s hope Chris Chibnall isn’t hired to write season 2.


One thought on “Murder in the First s1 ep 3

  1. CJ Cregg February 4, 2015 / 10:43 pm

    Afraid I disagree, Jed, I don’t think it’s particularly good at all. It took me 3 (non-consecutive) nights to watch this one episode – I couldn’t face more than about 15 minutes at a time, I kept getting bored. It’s not that it’s bad exactly, just that it’s so workmanlike and uninspired. None of the characters are particularly interesting and neither are any of the plots.

    Even Adam Noshimuri grabbing the DA and snogging her was just a bit silly, the houseboat thing made me roll my eyes and the dialogue was almost defiantly dull. There was one scene in particular when Terry was in the car about to arrest Blunt and he radio’d in and started saying “This is 5-10, here with 5-11 and 5-12, serving a 187 at 1146 something street, blah blah more numbers blah more numbers” that actually made me laugh it was so bad. I don’t care if all those numbers are genuine SFPD codes, it’s still terrible writing for a tv show.

    And Erich Blunt is far more annoying than scary.

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