Into the Storm (2014)

Basically ninety minutes of folk charging around chasing after tornadoes and/or rescuing other folk from tornadoes, Into the Storm isn’t going to win any awards for writing or realism. It’s pretty daft. But disaster movies usually are, and as disaster movies go, this one’s a lot of fun. The characterisation is very basic but the cast, headed by dependably heroic school vice-principal Richard Armitage (sporting a generic American accent) and super-smart meteorologist Sarah Wayne Callies, is great, the tornadoes and the havoc they wreak look amazing (I gasped quite a lot), and, for the most part, the action zips along in highly entertaining, often jump-out-of-your-seat fashion. I could have done without the pair of Jackass-style imbeciles who kept popping up but, other than that – and the movie’s slightly odd pre-occupation with everyone in it filming everything – I enjoyed it a lot.

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