Nikita s4 ep 4


There I was, sitting watching Nikita, thinking it all seemed to be going oddly well for Nikki and co for a change, and wow, have they really defeated Amanda and that posh dude already, that was a bit too easy, and what about the two episodes we still have to go, surely we’re not going to spend the entirety of them trying to figure out Sam/Owen’s dealio because dear me that sounds tedious and then OMG Squee! SQUEE! Awww! and then… wait…. WHAT?!


24 hours after I watched this episode and I’m still confounded by the mind-boggling ridiculousness of the final twist. I mean…. How… When… Whaaa….?

Oh, forget it. No explanation will make it better. Or less annoying. On the plus side, though, we had Michael (looking very good this week, a little humility suits him) learning a home truth or two from Ramon who we’ve met before but I didn’t recognise, some exciting craziness about control of Pakistan’s ballistic missiles and the bonkers but fun storming of The Shop. (I particularly enjoyed Mikey’s rueful expression when REDACTED asked him if her rescuers were “CIA?…. Marines?…. Division?!” And REDACTED’s face when she realised was hilarious too. Heh.)

Of course, all of this was even further from plausibility than Pakistan from Dubai in the Blue Wolf plane. Except for the way Nikki and Michael fell back into each other’s exhausted arms (and onto each other’s faces) after it was all (not quite) over. That felt both earned and real – no navel-gazing, no speechifying, just finally coming home to each other. Awwww. Like I said last time Ramon played Cupid – never mind the plausibility, you guys, feel the SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


2 thoughts on “Nikita s4 ep 4

  1. Jed Bartlet August 12, 2014 / 10:46 pm

    Don’t forget about dude with the new improved legs. Then Frankenlegs vs Frankenhand.

    The bit at the end was EXACTLY why I hate, hate, hate clones, dream sequences, shapeshifters, and all the rest of that nonsense. It leads to lazy writing and plotting. X died! Oh, no, X didn’t. It’s supposed to be a cool way of raising the stakes, but it just lowers them.

    • CJ Cregg August 12, 2014 / 11:01 pm

      Heh – I just checked my notes on the ep and I see I also wrote – and I quote – “Frankenhand vs Frankenlegs.” I forgot to mention it in my post but great minds etc 😉

      I did groan a bit but I actually thought that scene was quite funny if you just ignore the ridiculousness (the only possible way to enjoy this ep). Ramon: “Carbon-fibre bone.” *Backflips with bionic legs*. Michael (drawling): “Yeah.” *catches him with bionic hand*. Heh.

      I suppose the only good thing about them pulling this Amanda dead/not dead stunt meanwhile is it’s only two eps before the end so she’ll probably be dead/yes, dead very soon, regardless. I can’t wait – I am so very tired of Amanda.

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