Hawaii Five-0 s4 ep 22

To the supermax prison in Fremont County, Colorado, where Wo Fat, under lock and key, waits eagerly for his medication, in order that he can hoard it, turn it into an improvised bomb, and blast his way out. (We might as well get this week’s “Oh, FFS!” Watch out of the way now.) Meantime, Grover’s teenage daughter Samantha is kidnapped by episode 8’s evil computer maven, Ian Wright. And the Five-0 is asked to assist in the escorting of $100m of “ghost money” (doesn’t matter). Are these plot threads connected? Of course. Wright wants Grover to steal the money in return for the safety of his daughter, a fact that Grover is obliged to conceal both from the Five-0 and from his… wife? Hang on. Wasn’t Grover’s deal that he’s a single parent, or did I imagine that?

And meantime, with bromance in short supply, Danny has to content himself with a few droll interventions in re Wo Fat. “Why don’t you call your mom? Ask her where he is?” he asks of an unamused Steve. But then, with Ian swaggering around Oahu, almost daring Grover and Steve to kill him, the money goes missing, and the Five-0 agrees to suspend the rule of law or something in order to assist with its recovery. There’s a touching moment when Danny offers moral support to Grover, recalling his own ordeal when Grace was kidnapped, although this also serves to remind us of just how often people connected to the Five-0 find themselves in mortal danger.

Anyway, Wo Fat reinserts himself into the narrative in time to give the story an ending I didn’t see coming, and although Grover is given early retirement from the HPD that’s not the sort of thing to worry Steve, who turns up with a Five-0 badge for him. Which means, presumably, that Chi McBride will be back for season 5. I’m quite happy with that; he’s turned into a good addition to the team. All in all, in fact, season 4 has been a significant improvement on its predecessor; much more consistent, and with at least two H50 hall-of-famers (the Pearl Harbor veteran one, and the one in which Danny and Grover confronted their pasts), and only one absolute clunker (the audience vote one). Even the episodes in which Steve and Danny apparently prevented the violent establishment of a worldwide caliphate were well-constructed, although the politics were… contentious? Wo Fat, on the other hand, has arguably outlived his usefulness, notwithstanding the writers’ valiant recent efforts to turn him into something a little more enigmatic than the absolute personification of malevolence. This, though, was a good end to a good season.


One thought on “Hawaii Five-0 s4 ep 22

  1. CJ Cregg June 24, 2014 / 10:01 pm

    Wo Fat with his half-a-face and no lines and relentless bearing down upon folk to kill them is basically the Terminator now, no? I’m thoroughly fed up with him as well. How did he get to Hawaii from Colorado so quickly? How did he find Ian Wright? How did he know to look for Ian Wright? How did shoehorning him into the story make any sort of sense at all?


    Anyway, other than that, I got a teeny bit bored with this one but thought most of it was ok mainly because I’ve grown to like Grover as well and I actually really enjoy his friendship with Steve. There’s some really nice camaraderie and mutual respect there. If there’s one thing this season has done well it’s cementing Steve’s relationships with Danny and Grover and also Danny’s with Grace. You could replace Kono and Chin with cardboard cut-outs and I wouldn’t care, and Catherine was a completely pointless addition as well, but at least Steve, Danny, Grover and Grace work well.

    I agree with you Jed though that overall this season has been much better than season 3. On the negative side though, this nonsense about Cambodia is just bizarre, the Adam-Kono arc was stupid, and if I think “contentious” might be far too kind a way to describe those utterly facile, patronising and offensive episodes you mentioned….

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