Public Service Announcement 13 of 2014: The Smoke, Arrow

Having little interest in “serious” British drama these days, I probably wouldn’t be bothering with Sky 1’s answer to London’s Burning, firefighter drama The Smoke, were it not for the fact that Jamie “Lee Adama” Bamber’s in it. But that probably wouldn’t be entirely fair. Advance reviews have been positive, it’s made by Kudos who have been on another winning streak lately with Broadchurch and Utopia (not that I watched either – that’s Jed’s department) joining their roster of hits (let’s just not mention the execrable Hunted or the disappointing The Hour) and it already looks several thousand times better than the frankly appalling Chicago Fire. So, Bamber or not, it’s worth a go, right? Ep 1 kicks off at 9pm tonight (Thursday) on Sky 1; I’ll review it as soon as I can and see how things go from there.

Meantime, if you’re looking for another – albeit far less worthy – drama about heroes to kick off your night, season 2 of CW nonsense Arrow returns from winter hiatus tonight, also on Sky 1, at 8pm. And coming soon to PSAs near you: True Detective, The Mentalist, The Blacklist and more…

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