Sherlock s3 ep 2

imageWow, that was boring.

John is getting married. Aw. Sherlock is baffled by wedding tradition. Aw. He and John love each other. Aw. And that’s it for about 90 minutes, with a few lightning-speed mystery morsels chucked in just to give everyone a break from smiling at each other.

It’s quite adorable at first, in fairness. But then it gets monotonous. And frustrating. So frustrating. Because, instead of saving the speech and the heartwarming for the last five minutes of the ep, and bringing a well-earned tear to everybody’s eyes, they short-changed all the potential plots at their disposal (and there were many) and instead turned the entire episode into an extended exercise in “awwwwwing” at the John/Sherlock relationship. Guys, I’m the sappiest person I know, and I absolutely adore their relationship, but for the love of God, we know how they feel about each other, we only get three episodes every two years, and a 90-minute love-in is just a complete waste of one.

As an attempt to pull off the same trick as The (also plot-light) Empty Hearse by focussing on the characters – and I am completely in love with these characters, so I suspect I’m an easier mark than many when it comes to that type of thing – The Sign of Three failed miserably because a) we did that on Wednesday and b) Hearse replaced plot with knowing wit and sophistication and this didn’t. It was all too simple, too obvious and too sitcommy; more like a feature-length episode of The Golden Girls with Dorothy or Sophia finally declaring that she actually loves Rose. On a LOOP. We could – and did, many, many times – have covered all that in one (lovely) scene, but instead we went on and on and on…. There were some very sweet moments, there were some mildly funny moments, and the Mayfly Man could have been a great mystery if we spent more than 20 seconds on it, but we didn’t, so, for me, anyway, this was a huge disappointment.


12 thoughts on “Sherlock s3 ep 2

  1. awclarehugh January 5, 2014 / 11:37 pm

    wow! I couldn’t have disagreed with your review of this more. Amazing that two people can have such a different view of the same episode.

  2. CJ Cregg January 5, 2014 / 11:44 pm

    Hi awclarehugh – you should see the episode 1 thread 😉 I absolutely loved that ep, wanted to love this one but just couldn’t. I’m a little bit sad about it, because as I said I really do love the show and the characters.

  3. Ace_Of_Wands January 5, 2014 / 11:56 pm

    That was hard work. I was dozing off – DOZING during Sherlock. Increasingly self-indulgent. Some actual sleuthing would be nice. After all, isn’t that what Sherlock does – it’s his USP.

  4. englishredrose January 6, 2014 / 12:37 am

    Jeez, cheer up a bit! If you can’t be self-indulgent at a wedding, then when can you?
    I don’t think it was particularly out of character really. The structure of the episode was quite strange, but I could see Sherlock branching off at strange tangents and making the whole thing very long winded, because he would inevitably bring it back to himself again at some point.
    But it’s a testament to his growth as a character and a person – which is definitely down to John as it was mentioned – that he can take other people’s feelings into account to such a degree.
    I thought it was fun, seeing the juxtaposition of all the strange, domestic things you’ve got to do to sort out a wedding crash into Sherlock and John’s world.

  5. Capt. Harold Dobey January 6, 2014 / 7:02 pm

    If you are going to be really clever and have it all pull together in the end then you really need to make sure you don’t annoy half the viewers on the way.

    I liked the first dance and I hate weddings.

  6. CJ Cregg January 6, 2014 / 7:54 pm

    Oh yes, the first dance was lovely, Dobey. The end with the “sign of three” was lovely. Lots of things about it were lovely – but all together in one ep, it was just too much. Sorry englishredrose, I have to agree with Ace on this one, I thought it was self-indulgent as well but then I don’t like weddings either…. 😉

    One thing I do think is fantastic, though, is how much Sherlock and Mary like each other. It would have been so easy and trite to have some annoying melodrama about her trying to undercut him with John or vice versa, but instead she and Sherlock actually have a really nice bond and are determined to look after each other too, as well as John. I loved Sherlock dispatching the ex-boyfriend : “High-functioning sociopath. With your number.” *manic grin* Heh.

  7. Ace_Of_Wands January 6, 2014 / 8:43 pm

    CJ, don’t you think that Amanda/Mary has altered the dynamic of the programme, from both within and without? Is she the Yoko Ono of the piece?

    • CJ Cregg January 6, 2014 / 9:00 pm

      I think Mary’s supposed to have done that but I don’t know that she has actually changed the dynamic all that much yet, at least as far as the viewer’s concerned, Ace. They did seem to be going out of their way (all that Mrs Hudson chat, poor Sherlock alone at the end) to tell us the marriage means things will be completely different now, and in real life I’d expect that, no matter how fond Mary is of Sherlock, but at the same time we’ve had two eps in a row where John and Sherlock and Mary too have re-affirmed John and Sherlock’s undying love for and commitment to each other. Maybe this one was the boys’ last hurrah, though, and the real change will be evident in the finale.

  8. Olive January 6, 2014 / 9:10 pm

    I was so disappointed.

    The performances were all excellent and each scene in itself was wonderful but it just didn’t gel for me. Sitcom-y is the perfect description. Too much winking and zaniness.

    The mystery of the week was just absurd. Two soldiers stabbed with a weapon sharp and fine enough to cut through a belt but not lead to any bleeding until the belt is removed? *off to quiz a pathologist*.

    The one thing I do really like is the addition of Mary. I don’t think she’s the Yoko of Sherlock (heh) at all – largely because they have avoided the love triangle. I like that they went down the road less travelled here.

  9. CJ Cregg January 6, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    Not to mention it should have been obvious to anybody, let alone the world’s greatest detective, that, no matter what the weapon was or how was applied, the “stabbing” had happened *before* the guy went into the shower. Bizarrely – like Wednesday’s squash ball under the armpit (which Ace pointed out) – the “stabbing in a locked, empty room” was a plot line in The Mentalist earlier this year as well. And so was Jane’s colleagues’ wedding, although he just skulked about outside.

    • Ace_Of_Wands January 6, 2014 / 11:18 pm

      How strange.

  10. Jed Bartlet January 7, 2014 / 6:43 pm

    *sigh, again*

    The first two-thirds of this episode were tedious. Sherlock can’t express himself properly. Then there’s a breakthrough when he talks about love. Then he can’t express himself properly again. Then love again. Etc.

    The final twenty minutes was a bit better, as it became evident that, unlike the previous episode, the writers had at least bothered themselves to do some rudimentary plotting. Even if the solution was so fatuous – a wound sufficient to cause significant enough blood loss to kill, the infliction of which wasn’t felt at the time, held in place by tight clothing? I’m no doctor, but… – that it just felt like a prank on the audience.

    Even the big emotional reveal at the end, about the pregnancy, seemed to me to involve a bit of cheating – had we actually seen Mary being sick? I’m sure had we seen it we would have jumped to the only conclusion one can draw in TV drama when a woman throws up, that being because the vast majority of female characters of childbearing age are defined by their fertility, rather than having to wait for Sherlock to tell us. (I may have missed it, in which case I will withdraw this allegation. I’m certainly not watching the episode again to find out.)

    But I come back to the point I made after the first episode. This is not the same show, and Sherlock himself isn’t the same character. It’s changed in a big way; it’s lighter, rom-commy, and Sherlock is now more of a roguish charmer with a flirtatious eye for the ladies. It might be a change for the better, or it might not; but to deny it, in the face of this episode, seems perverse.

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