Unpopcult Awards 2013: The Results

poll pic It’s all over bar the shouting – happy new year, everybody and thanks to everyone for voting in the Unpopcult Awards 2013! Here are your winners!

Best US Drama: Scandal

First of all, NO. And second of all, I DEMAND A RECOUNT. Huff and puff as I might (and will) however, all-conquering Scandal is the winner, beating both two-time winner The Good Wife and powerhouse Game of Thrones by the slimmest of margins. I blame Kalinda’s Ex. And Daenerys.

(Previous winners: 2008 – Lost; 2009 – Mad Men; 2010 – Lost; 2011 -The Good Wife; 2012: The Good Wife)

Best International Drama: The Almighty Johnsons

In its final, joyous year, The Almighty Johnsons breezes past its nearest rival The Returned (Les Revenants) to take the trophy. Goodbye Axl, Anders and co – it’s been an absolute blast.

(Previous winners: 2010 – Spooks; 2011 – Being Human; 2012 – Sherlock)

Best Comedy: Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope for the win! Sharp, sweet and wonderful Parks and Recreation celebrates its long-overdue debut on UK screens with that much sought-after accolade, the unpopcult award for best comedy, beating 2011 winner Modern Family into second place. Miles behind the US, I know, but at least season 3 is finally due on the BBC this month, while season 4 is coming out on DVD in the UK this month too.

(Previous winners: 2008, 2009 and 2010 – 30 Rock; 2011 – Modern Family; 2012 – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)

Best New Show: The Blacklist

Had it not been for Jed and e’s recommendations, I would have turned my nose up at The Blacklist and avoided it completely. And I would have missed out on one what turned out to be one of my favourite shows of the year. Since it had twice the votes of its nearest competition (The Returned), I guess you guys loved it too. Hurrah! Rumour has it season 1 will resume on UK screens on 28 January – we’ll keep you posted.

(Previous winner: 2011 – Game of Thrones)

Best Actor: James Spader, The Blacklist

This was always going to be a tough one to call but, given that his character is always several steps ahead of everyone else, it seems entirely fitting that Spader’s triumphant turn takes the trophy, with Thomas Sadoski’s Don from The Newsroom very close behind. I like to think this means that somewhere, somehow, Don is on his trail; doggedly investigating a disturbing tale of dapper super-criminals and black ops, so 2014 can bring us the best cross-over spin-off ever – Keefer Investigates: The Hunt for Red Reddington. Because that would be AWESOME.

(Previous winners: 2008 – Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Zeljko Ivanek; 2009 – Hugh Laurie; 2010 – Michael Emerson; 2011 – Timothy Olyphant; 2012 – Damian Lewis)

Best Actress: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Nearest rivals were Spiral’s (Engrenages’) Audrey Fleurot and Mad Men/Top of the Lake’s Elisabeth Moss, but the majestic Julianna Margulies retains her unpopcult crown this year, and deservedly so. Season 5 (which is supposed to be AMAZING) is due on More 4 some time this month.

(Previous winners: 2008 – January Jones, Kristin Chenoweth, Glenn Close; 2009: Hermione Norris; 2010 – Jane Lynch; 2011 – Margo Martindale; 2012 – Julianna Margulies)

Best Ensemble Cast: Game of Thrones

GOT’s astonishing (and huge) cast is packed with brilliant performers holding together its sprawling canvas of characters and storylines – this award could have been tailor-made for them, so congratulations to all. And, at the other end of the scale, congratulations to the tiny but perfectly-formed cast of Parks and Recreation, who came in a very close second. Never mind, Ron Swanson – there’s always next year.

(Previous winners: 2008 – Lost, Mad Men and Battlestar Galactica; 2009 – Mad Men; 2009 – Lost; 2010 – Lost; 2011 – Southland; 2012 – The Good Wife)

Ship of the Year: Jane and Lisbon, The Mentalist

Newcomers Jaime and Brienne from GOT only just missed out on the title, but this year’s winners, after years (YEARS) in the shipping wilderness, are – drum roll – JISBON. Yes, Jed. JISBON. And now Red John’s gone, maybe, just maybe, these two wacky kids might stop dancing around each other and justify the years (YEARS) some of us have spent fervently wishing them together. PLEASE.

(Previous winners: 2011 – Lund and Hartman; 2012 – Will and Alicia)

I Would (Male): Gregory Fitoussi, Spiral (Engrenages)/Mr Selfridge

Ah, always my favourite category, since it’s full of my, er, favourites. Alexander Skarsgaard took the lead early on, but was ultimately pipped at the post by the dual (and beau, tres beau) combination of Monsieur Pierre Clement and Monsieur Henri Leclair. Oh, oui. No sign of the fifth season of Spiral yet, but the second season of Selfridge should be along fairly soon – watch this space.

(Previous winner: 2009 – Richard Armitage; 2010 – Richard Armitage; 2011 – Shane West; 2012 – Simon Baker)

I Would (Female): Connie Britton, Nashville

Tami Taylor forever! Well done to the luminous Connie Britton, storming ahead (waaaay ahead) of all the competition, to become unpopcult’s latest red-headed I Would winner. She’s due back on UK screens in Nashville around February.

(Previous winner: 2009 – Tina Fey; 2010 – Christina Hendricks; 2011 – Audrey Fleurot; 2012 – Christina Hendricks)

Most Annoying Storyline: Kalinda’s Ex, The Good Wife

‘Nuff said.

(Previous winner: 2012 – Dana’s Hit-and-Run, Homeland)

Most Annoying Character: Van Pelt, The Mentalist

Wow. A real surprise winner to round off the results, with the only truly useless member of the Mentalist team finally taking the “honours” and narrowly beating the astounding (not in a good way) Jimmy from Smash and the completely ridiculous Carrie from Homeland into second place. That is some serious competition, without even mentioning Kalinda’s Ex and Maggie from The Newsroom…. wow, again. Well done, Van Pelt. I think.

(Previous winners: 2008 – Mohinder Suresh, Heroes; 2009 – President Allison Taylor, 24; 2010 – Susan Delfino, Desperate Housewives; 2011 – Will Schuester, Glee; 2012 – Ellis Boyd, Smash)

And that, unpopculters, concludes our business with 2013. Thanks again to everybody for watching with us and for voting – unpopcult wouldn’t be any fun without you all. Here’s to more good times and good tv in 2014!


5 thoughts on “Unpopcult Awards 2013: The Results

  1. Ace_Of_Wands January 1, 2014 / 7:19 pm

    Surely Dana from Homeland was a shoe-in for all and any category with the word ‘annoying’ in it. She was even annoying by proxy when she no longer appeared. Amazed. And annoyed.

    Van Pelt?? I still would, even though she’s given birth *skates on thin sexist ice*

    • CJ Cregg January 1, 2014 / 7:43 pm

      If it’s any comfort, Ace, it was a really close one – Dana’s love life (and “anything to do with Jimmy from Smash”) was only *just* pipped at the post for Most Annoying Storyline. She did win last year.

      I was astonished by Van Pelt’s win, too – I voted for Jimmy! – but she’s paid her dues, I suppose. All those years of sitting at that desk and sulking had to pay off some time…..

  2. Ace_Of_Wands January 1, 2014 / 7:27 pm

    Most of the category winners are without my access, or possibly without my interest. My only winner was Parks and Recreation in Best Comedy.

  3. Jed Bartlet January 1, 2014 / 8:34 pm

    There does seem to be a redheaded theme emerging in I Would (Female). Perhaps we should put Van Pelt in there next year to give her a chance to go for a unique double.

  4. Jed Bartlet January 1, 2014 / 8:36 pm

    And I am, of course, delighted for Scandal. At its best, The Good Wife is a better show, but it lost a certain amount of goodwill with Kalinda’s Ex. Scandal simply didn’t put a foot wrong which, across a 22-episode season, is quite something.

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