Smash s2 ep 14

I’d forgotten all about the headlights and screeching tyres at the end of last week’s episode, so when I accidentally found out (before watching) that there had been a death in Smash, I couldn’t help hoping it was EFFING JIMMY.

Of course it wasn’t. As the character who did meet an untimely end – let’s just call him Dude for spoiler’s sake – pointed out, Dude had to die so Jimmy “could learn something.” Presumably it was that Jimmy ruins everything, which we already knew, but we also learned – as is wont to happen sometimes in both tv and real life – that everyone was apparently a lot fonder of Dude than they let on when he was alive.

A handful of hazily-lit flashbacks told us that Dude had captured Tom’s heart and inspired him to do yet another Bombshell re-write, had touched Julia with his love of Broadway tradition, and had even bonded with Karen over their love for the same person. Oh, Dude. Who knew these people were so close to you? Julia’s was the only flashback that felt earned and real: like us, she knew him, not terribly well, and she liked him, not loved him. She (and we) can quite legitimately be a little bit sad Dude is gone without having to posthumously beef up his part.

Flashbacks and whatnot aside though, the episode itself was surprisingly touching. The Hit List team’s grief, Derek holding it together for everyone else, Ivy and Eileen’s gestures of support, the dimming of Bombshell’s lights at the end: all absolutely lovely. But, even more surprisingly, the most moving moment came from Jimmy himself whose rendition of “The Love I Meant to Say” was both beautiful and heart-breaking. Sob!

Does this mean everything’s forgiven and I’m fine with Karen snogging Derek then deciding to go back to Jimmy instead? Not in a million years. But if we had to say goodbye to Dude (a mere three episodes before we say goodbye to Smash itself), “The Phenomenon” was a very sweet and poignant send-off.

5 thoughts on “Smash s2 ep 14

  1. overlookedonlookers October 19, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    I think this is my big problem with Smash. It just made every one of the characters so unlikable that I can’t even feel truly sad when one of them dies (even if he was the most likable one of the bunch). I just stopped caring about all of these characters a long time ago.

  2. CJ Cregg October 19, 2013 / 5:59 pm

    Hi overlooked, welcome to unpopcult 🙂 I know exactly what you mean although I do still love Derek and Ivy. Ok, mainly Derek 😉 But the show has spent so much time on characters like the appalling Jimmy or astonishingly boring Eileen and Jerry, or even on ruining once-likeable characters like Tom – it’s a real shame, because Smash can often be great entertainment (I really enjoyed this week’s and last week’s too, for instance) when it’s not focussed on people being stupendously annoying. The spectre of Ellis the Evil still haunts me to this day….

    • overlookedonlookers October 20, 2013 / 2:20 am

      Oh yeah, Ellis was the WORST. And they had to make the other characters look bad to keep him around. Like Ivy being friends with him and Eileen keeping him around as her assistant for so long.

  3. CJ Cregg October 20, 2013 / 11:15 pm

    Yeah, nobody came out of the Ellis arc (which feels like it went on my entire life) looking good. Julia and her weird passion for Stalker Michael Swift was another bizarre one. I mean, we’ve all fallen for the wrong person at some point but this dude was completely creepy; it was impossible to understand why she would jeopardise her marriage for the guy rather than take out a restraining order and get as far away from him as humanly possible.

  4. Tim November 4, 2013 / 11:46 pm

    Sorry, CJ, this episode left me cold. It was all very worthy, but just ever so dreary. I agree that Julia’s dedication felt the most earned though. I was kinda hoping Jimmy would fall off that railing into the Hudson, but alas, no.

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