Dexter s8 ep 10

Dexter and Hannah are, indeed, planning to go to Argentina. “You know how stupid that sounds?” Deb scoffs. Yes. Yes we do. It’s always problematic when a show tries to have its cake and eat it – sometimes it can be endearingly meta, but sometimes it just comes across as the writers hedging their bets: look, this is silly, but we know it’s silly, so we’re going to do it anyway. With only three episodes to go, though, in a show which was once thrilling, sexy, and bracingly amoral, I’m not buying it.

Anyway, Argentina. First, though, for reasons which are never really fleshed out, Dexter has to kill Vogel’s son Oliver. One assumes, then, that the need to kill still burns within him, and that his Dark Passenger will be accompanying him to South America. It’s not that easy, though, because Oliver knows that Dexter is after him, and Vogel is trying to protect her son. She is, after all, a psychopath expert. Meantime Hannah is lying low, but it all goes wrong when she has to look after Harrison for like five minutes, during which time he injures himself so badly that she has to take him to hospital, where she’s recognised.

Not for the first time, there’s a feeling that the writers have pretty much given up on most of the other people on the show. I’m now in a minority of one, I think, in believing that Quinn is potentially – potentially – an interesting character, but by the start of this episode he’s been reduced to mooching around listlessly after Deb, while passive-aggressively doing his best to get dumped by Jamie. She is, however, too dumb to take the gigantic hints, so he actually has to do something about it, or whatever. Look: was there not a point, a few seasons ago, when Quinn was getting suspicious of Dexter? Did I imagine it?

By the end of the episode, though, the stakes have been raised a little: I’ll concede that I wasn’t expecting the ending, even if I’m not sure where it leaves us. Presumably Dexter will now be even more determined to kill Oliver during an ever-decreasing window, as that bounty-hunter dude closes in on Hannah, giving them the final two episodes to TCB before leaving for Argentina, no matter how stupid it sounds.

2 thoughts on “Dexter s8 ep 10

  1. Snoskred September 21, 2013 / 9:39 pm

    Oh dear Jeebus. There was a moment in this show, where I firmly believe Dexter Morgan strapped on the water-skis, and jumped the shark.

    It was the moment at which Dexter – who I would have said is a smart guy – this smart guy, who is a forensic scientist, seemingly forgets everything he knows about.. science, physics, houses, windows.. and the fact he needs to go through a *door*, runs right up to the window to get to Vogel, and weirdly bangs into it.

    He was such a smart guy, once! Maybe Hannah has stolen his brain.

    I am one episode ahead of you. And I would never spoil anything for you – this is by no means a spoiler. The week after episode 10 aired, this popped up in my Facebook feed from the Dexter page about episode 11.

    On the next episode: #Dexter is torn between fleeing the country with Hannah and Harrison and taking Saxon out once and for all.


    Watching this alongside the last few episodes of Breaking Bad is like putting a kindergarten finger painting up next to the Mona Lisa.

    I have only one last episode to watch here, and my fervent hope is that Dexter breaks into the writers room and puts them all on his table, for doing such a terrible job this season. Or perhaps he can drop them out of the plane on the way to Argentina, without parachutes. 🙂 This has been so woeful.

  2. Jed Bartlet September 21, 2013 / 10:50 pm

    It’s a good point, Snoskred. On the basis of what I’ve seen so far, they could have done this season in four or five episodes without losing any key plot developments, and presumably with more efficiency and speed. There’s been a lot of running on the spot.

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