Scandal s2 ep 11

Gosh. We’re halfway through season 2 already. Anyway, Fitz turns out to possess Bauer-esque powers of recovery. It will be recalled that he just about managed to crack an eye open last week. He’ll need at least three weeks to get well, says his doctor: a bare minimum, I would think, given that he took a shot to the Presidential brain. But he can’t wait: VP Langston is continuing her attempted coup, so Fitz has to drag himself out of his hospital bed, suit up, and get down to the Situation Room to deal with an, um, situation. And then do a live press conference.

This is intercut with more of the Big Conspiracy backstory, in flashback: we’re taken back to a few weeks before the election, when Fitz is getting his ass kicked by his Democratic rival. Three strategies are pursued to recover the position: in the first, Olivia pulls the team together to dig dirt on Mr Democrat. This eventually comes up with some low-grade but nonetheless potentially devastating info about Prozac abuse, which Fitz decides not to use, thus further burnishing his credentials as a Nice Republican. (A Nice Republican with a mistress, I’ll grant you, but that’s love rather than just a quick bunk-up.) In the second, Fitz’s retired politician father (played, fortissimo, by Barry Bostwick) rocks up; rubicund of face and white of hair, he dispenses folky Reagan-isms instead of microanalysis of financial policy and strongly hints that his loser son should do the same in televised debates. And the third, of course, is to rig the election, which Fitz apparently doesn’t know about – Nice Republican – and Olivia resists until the last possible moment.

In the present day, meantime, Edison hurls some monstrous accusations at Olivia: she’s party to the forged signature on the letter from Fitz, leaving her open to criminal proceedings, and she’s been sleeping with Fitz as well. As Olivia points out, Edison is pretty much calling her “a criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar”, which is a GREAT title for an episode, and perhaps the best line of its type since JR called Sue Ellen “a drunk, a tramp, and an unfit mother” all those years ago in Dallas. Of course Edison is more or less 100% correct, but he’s undaunted, and later on even proposes marriage to her, the blockhead. My money says Olivia will accept, and then find out that Fitz has just asked Mellie for a divorce, because it’s in the nature of shows like Scandal that the OTC can never be together.

Great fun, of course, but the brief glimpse we got of Huck, Abby, and Harrison reminded me that I miss having them around. It may be as well that Henry Ian Cusick left after the first season, because I’m not sure the writers would have found a lot to do with his character. I’d quite like a couple of Cases of the Week soon, please.


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